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I would add the possibility that perhaps the Limbaugh/Palin wing (you all no what I mean) has to have their one or two Waterloos before some will rejoin a more sensible approach. I also believe this will happen. Sure, I could be wrong and maybe my understanding of American politics and population are wrong but I just don't believe that someone like Palin is qualified to be President nor is she able to win. However, I also agree that many people who identify with that wing are reliable 'soldiers' of the cause. So a big slugfest as is currently happening might be unavoidable

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I'm not a big fan of the Olympic games as a money maker so I'm not upset Chicago didn't get it. For Obama it was a no win situation because people would have complained about if he hadn't shown up. I don't have to explain that Bush would have faced a similar situation if the games had been proposed in let's say Dallas (and people screaming whichever way it would have gone). Anyway, this whole thing is not exactly high on my priority list.

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while I agree that Germany (and Russia for that matter) have their strength, I would argue that the United States has some unique strengths that shouldn't be disposed of to become like let's say Germany. Germany is a well organized country where people desire safety more than the US (understandable with their history). I always thought one of the strengths in the US was their creative process, was the ability to invest in new and exciting techniques and win (or fail). To make a long story short, all societies bring their history and culture to the table too. Unfortunately, some on the right have become completely unhinged and are just not able to contribute something useful. So be it, life goes on and in the end sober minds will prevail (my opinion). That's why I like this blog.
BTW, Dostoevsky was always one of my favorite authors. Wasn't his prison experience called 'House of the Dead' and was located near Omsk (that's 150 years ago now)

Comment Posted By funny man On 30.09.2009 @ 22:56

I agree there was a difference between Stalinist and later years. Punishment was less severe and many people had arranged themselves with the system. You had your Trabbi, spent the weekend on your Datsche, man meets woman, woman meets man etc etc. A lot of people also just talked the talk to make a career. However, once you were at the wrong end of the system, life could be really unpleasant and there was basically no recourse. We could go on now but the topic was....(smile).
Unfortunately, many people (left and right) are totally ignorant about this subject. For example, some on the right might blame FDR for not stopping the Soviets taking Eastern Europe (I have seen all that). What they don't realize is that despite Stalin being one of the most ruthless, brutal dictators, the Russian fought hard and lost 30 million people in WWII. That is quite a sacrifice but for some it doesn't seem to sink in, it's just a number nothing more.
The other astonishing thing for me as a German always was that most Russians forgave us long ago because they knew unhinged, brutal dictatorship and what it does to people. That is why I get furious about these casual, ignorant comments about Obama because it is a real disrespect for the victims of these regimes. I might have disagreements with Obama but I know that I live in a country where there are laws that protect me etc etc.
Have fun in Siberia! Depending where you are there actually could be a lot of sunshine even in three month, Omsk, Novosibirsk?

Comment Posted By funny man On 30.09.2009 @ 22:15

I'm glad at least someone experienced the DDR or other real existing 'paradises'. Once you came back you knew you were 'free' regardless whether the country had a public health care or not.
Don't envy your winters but boy are there some beautiful Siberian women.

Comment Posted By funny man On 30.09.2009 @ 11:35

Just wondering could Perry's comments be satire? Hard to imagine him being serious. I'd like to know how many of you have actually ever visited an existing marxist state. I was in East Germany a couple of times and boy did you notice a leaden fog coming over your every action once you crossed the border. The way you talked politics was indirect like which soccer team they supported, if it was Union Berlin you were better off then when the guy supported Dynamo Berlin. Just to give you a little feel for it and compare that to present day America, hmm.
Rick, I always enjoy your play of words (or avalanche, smile)

Comment Posted By funny man On 30.09.2009 @ 09:53


Freedoms Truth,
I would disagree with your assessment. In what regards is Obama to the left of France or Germany? Both have universal health care, a much stronger federal government, strict gun laws, woman's right to choose etc. His foreign policy is still tougher than Germany's or France's. Just look at Afghanistan. Anyway, we can argue about that and that is fine. However, the point I was making is that neither France nor Germany are totalitarian regimes resembling Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany and there is absolutely no indication Obama is going there. Hey, you are not worried posting your comments but you would be if you had lived in those countries (smile).

Comment Posted By funny man On 29.09.2009 @ 19:27

Obama wants to move the United States more toward France or Germany. I don't agree with that but it's not that far out like the world is going to end. Germany now is nothing like 70 years ago or even 20 years ago in East Germany. Gotta keep perspective a little bit.

Comment Posted By funny man On 29.09.2009 @ 16:17

Freedoms truth,
if you really think that whatever some kid is singing has anything to do with the Chinese cultural revolution you must not know history very well. Millions were sent to 'reeducation' camps and died there. My mom left communist East Germany in 1951. There is nothing in the Obama presidency to suggest he will lock you up for dissent now is there? Not true in 1951 in East Germany or in Hungary in 1956 after they crushed the uprising. That is the big, big difference. So why do you throw these comparisons around?

Comment Posted By funny man On 29.09.2009 @ 12:31

My dad was born in 1932 in Germany so he witnessed the Third Reich. The comparison is so laughable that it shouldn't even deserve a comment. For starters in 1934 there was the 'Ermaechtigungsgesetzt' giving executive power to Hitler. By that time people like Rush, the teabaggers would be rounded up and headed to Dachau or Buchenwald (Alaska would probably be an attractive place I guess). Obviously this is not happening under Obama. No need to explain Stalin.
If you don't like what Obama is doing, get active in politics, support your favorite candidates and rest assured that you will still be able to do that in 3 or 7 years. Everyone who claims otherwise is a total moron in my opinion.

Comment Posted By funny man On 29.09.2009 @ 12:12

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