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while I agree that the US should go it's own way I'd still like to point out that Europe as a region is at present richer than the US.

Comment Posted By funny man On 18.10.2009 @ 21:51

politics is like chess, you try to make the right move and win the game. There is nothing sinister to it. If you sit in the 'war room' of any politician seeking office you go through strength and weaknesses of your opponent and develop a strategy. Big Deal! Obama will do the same and as you saw he is pretty good at it. I just think this Alinsky fellow is way overblown and just something certain people get exited about (without any basis). Things like that just make our side look stupid. I'd rather go with a rational approach.

Comment Posted By funny man On 18.10.2009 @ 11:14

Noonan has been with our cause longer than most. You don't have to agree with everything she says but it is definitely more insightful than this Alinsky ACORN tirade. Oh Alinsky Oh Oh. Tired of this crap. Who the hell cares about Alinsky? Why not bring up Sharpton for good measure? Nobody cares about these people. But Peggy Noonan? Why don't you give credit where credit is due?

Comment Posted By funny man On 18.10.2009 @ 00:08

I think you go over the top with some of your points but I do believe more and more people feel alienated from the larger society. That is not necessarily linked to your financial well being. For example, my parents raised me and my siblings in the sixties and seventies in Germany with little money for today's standard. However, they felt like a lot of their peers that they could contribute and shape their society. A global economy and rather obscure decision making processes in corporate boardrooms have many people feel like their voices don't count, are not heard. Notice please this is not linked to any ideology and I would argue there are elements within conservatives, within libertarians, within Naderites within progressives that would be in agreement to curb this global behemoth and give people more input and decision making power at the local level. So actually we do have common goals but this is more often than not lost in the daily Palin this, Pelosi that.

Comment Posted By funny man On 17.10.2009 @ 19:10

Ooops, it DC of cour5se

Comment Posted By funny man On 17.10.2009 @ 13:23

In my opinion the United States economic strength is also (in part) linked to technical and scientific advances. It is not possible to remain competitive without fruitful collaboration between government and the private sector (and of course that includes education). It is in this arena that conservatives can greatly contribute by suggesting CREATIVE proposals. For example, Michelle Rhee is doing a terrific job in CD's public school systems by trying new approaches such as merit based teacher salary (among many other things). The NIH grant system could also be revamped because it often is an inflexible behemoth nor necessarily funding the most innovative research. Why? Because funding is intimately linked to politics and that is clearly not good (something both parties are guilty of). Anyway, I could go on and bore everyone. However, the point clearly has to be that we can't propose models made for 'a coastal nation of 7 million'. Nobody with a clear mind can want that. So our proposals have to be contemporary and not born out dogmatic purity. In addition, I would always say country first not politics. Last example, health care reform. I'm pretty sure they will get it through. So who had a greater impact on what will ultimately be passed, Sarah Palin or Olympia Snowe? Just a thought. So is picking the right candidate for 2012!!! really the most pressing issue for us at this point?

Comment Posted By funny man On 17.10.2009 @ 13:22

'Bottom Rail on Top'

'empty suit'
like I haven't heard that before.
*Yawn* Nuff said

If Obama would be like you describe him we should easily beat him. However, that won't be the case, so instead of wishful thinking why not try realistic assessments. If the economy recovers it is his election to loose, fair or unfair that's just the way it goes.

Comment Posted By funny man On 15.10.2009 @ 14:57

don't you know Obama is pretty amazing being Hitler, a communist, a Marxist, a Muslim, a racist (list goes on). My (cynic) assessment is that most people are not able to carry out a logic argument but still love going into the mud and start slinging (that is unfortunately not linked to political preference).

Comment Posted By funny man On 15.10.2009 @ 13:38


the statement

All your favorite bogeymen, Jackson, Farrakhan, and Sharpton are either washed up, dying, or irrelevant outside their own little geographic circle. Beyonce has more clout that Jesse Jackson and the most important black man in America today is living in the White House.

is indeed true. I sometimes suspect some who take these guys serious have never really interacted with black Americans. I used to live in Detroit and I can attest that only a minority especially among young people took them serious.
However, the argument between us should really be about which form of government is more effective and I would disagree with you in that area.

Comment Posted By funny man On 15.10.2009 @ 13:16

Lot's of love on both sides. One side wants a more individualistic the other a more collectivist approach to a 'better' society. Intellectually you can actually find good reasons for both views. Some of you really get carried away by the daily news clutter. Pelosi, Palin, Limbaugh (Rush you blew it..had you bid for the Bears maybe some more love here...) and what have you. However, a serious debate looks different to what you currently see. Although some of the comments give me hope that we are not done yet, others not so much. I mean seriously, in what way is Rick a liberal, based on what statement. Obamathered, you probably don't want Obama to be reelected...hint: constantly pissing people of who agree with you might not be the winning strategy or were you appointed to be the fiery purger whereupon from the ashes shall arise Phoenix Palin.

Comment Posted By funny man On 14.10.2009 @ 23:14

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