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There was the mistaken belief with some folks that unregulated greed is somewhat a conservative principle. When we say we'd like less government that statement was misused by financial institutions to mean 'we'd like to do whatever we want'. Teddy Roosevelt showed the monopolies the limits of their power and we should do the same regarding financial institution.

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We had a joke once about the EU if you compare it with a train how it should and how it should not be run. Anyways the No-no's were England is in charge of the food, Germany of the humor and Greece of the finances.
The reason to admit Greece to the EU was merely historical, cradle of civilization etc; not at any time did Greece contribute anything substantial to the EU economically. It doesn't matter who is in charge there, Greece is not going anywhere. So they should be given the chance to vote, stay in the EU and accept oversight from Germany and France or leave. It is so simple it will never happen.

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Talking about unusual issues; I think we Germans have the highest number of words related to Poop (but it could also be the Russians). Thanks for making me laugh.
Here is another issue that makes me smile since I'm sure none of you were ever aware of this problem:,1518,676559,00.html

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I'm generally more confused than enlightened. So what is the future foreign policy going to be like. As I have stated before, I see more similarities with the second Bush term and the present administration. Thank God the neocons are gone. So does Palin want them back? If so, who then is going to pay for our ever expanding military. So what do the Tea Partyiers want? Interesting analysis:

BTW, my day job currently rules me hence slacky attendance

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Wasn't Napoleon's Josephine partly Haitian too? I don't know what but twisted minds like Quigley and Robertson are sure to find 'the link'.

Comment Posted By funny man On 16.01.2010 @ 22:13

Haiti was a mess before the quake and now it is worse. In the long run it will be up to the Haitian people to form a more effective government. However, at the moment they need our help and Obama is doing what is absolutely right. BTW, I am sure W would have done exactly the same.
I just think of a 5 year old kid who has no choice in where he/she is born and now find itself in a life threatening situation and then just get mad at idiotic comments like Quigley's or Rush and Robertson's. These morons just need to shut up.

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just want to add this as a little caveat: you say 85% are Christians but more than half of the American public believes in aliens and UFOs. How does that make sense?

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I think you portray that a bit one-sided. I look at it from an economic perspective, what works better what works less good. Of course, no modern society has no government involvement. That would be silly. But let's get to practical examples. Detroit. Now I actually don't despise Detroit like so many haters but something went completely awry in that place. So Detroit had racial tensions from the beginning and they were viciously exploited. Henry Ford's way of union busting was to use blacks as strike breakers and then fire them. Great way of making good neighbors I guess. They were riots in the 40s and then the famous one in 67. Race relations deteriorated after that with the now well known results of emptying the actual city of Detroit of any sizable number of white people (and later middle class blacks moved out). At the same time engineering and manufacturing got worse with the big three. That actually had nothing to do with the unions but their involvement didn't make things better. (That's too long to explain here). Anyway, here comes Coleman Young who actually started out with good intentions but over time led to a system that strangulated itself. Because it started out with the wrong assumption that social engineering and government subsidies could help people get out of poverty into productive lives. I don't have to tell you that that didn't happen but instead things got worse. Detroit now has the worst public school system in the United States. I know that it is not due to lack of talent but because schools don't enforce discipline, don't challenge students, parents don't care and teachers are often incompetent. You know this too be true and there is no money in the world that can change that. You need a change of system! Maybe like with Michelle Rhee in DC. Then welfare. I mean it doesn't serve any society if more than half of the families are headed by a single Mom. I know for a fact that there are many single black men out there who would make good fathers but they are just not flashy, they are just 'normal'. Why then do so many women choose to be with these XXX and even get supported by our government. That is just not healthy.
So for me conservative means asking people to be responsible for themselves that government is only there to help out in a crisis. For a place like Detroit, they can only survive if people put there differences aside, reinvent themselves and pray for a miracle.

Comment Posted By funny man On 11.01.2010 @ 21:51

Palin just signed with Fox News. So that is that regarding her 'run' in 2012. I think that is good because I would like to win in 2012.

Just saw Coulter and Sharpton squaring off about Reid's comment. That must help regarding clarity! Hardly anyone in the black community takes Sharpton serious anymore and regarding Coulter, well what was she supposed to be? Conservative? No, a clown at best.

Comment Posted By funny man On 11.01.2010 @ 17:01

about the Reid comment I have to agree with Richard. That's ridiculous. You go to any black barber shop and folks will use the term when talking about people like O.J.. In addition, it's fun but don't do it as a white person just like that, might not get over that well. On the other hand, if you are German like me, no problem (smile). However, to compare a statement (that although improperly worded still has more than a grain of truth) from Reid to a career of a racist (does he get points for fathering black children) is ridiculous. The truth is most people (black and white) think like Reid anyway.

Comment Posted By funny man On 11.01.2010 @ 15:08

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