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Al Queda in Iraq is about 2% of the insurgency.I guess Shia killing Sunnis somehow isn't a civi war? Go sell that bunk somewhere else fight4theright, here people are informed,not neo-con kool-aid drinkers like you.I believe Bush insiders "leaked" this info, not exactly sure why but who can figure out the keystone cops that make up the bushies.Bush has made Irans influence grow by invading Iraq,Iran knows were tied down there, thats why their so cocky.Bush will go down in history in the same light as Nixon hubris and arrogance.

Comment Posted By debunker-of-neocon-lies On 24.05.2007 @ 12:37


If people are upset that Syria is involved in Lebanese politics its because in 1975 when the Maronite Christians were slaughtering Druse,Shia and Sunni Lebanese, these groups asked Syria for help.Warring factions have been killing each other since.ThenIsrael invades Southern Lebanon periodically and the Muslims again turn to Syria for assistance.Lebanon might be the only country more factional than IRAQ.Hey Bush, good luck on that nation building in the region.Drill in Anwar and get the hell out of that region.Defend Israel if they need it, keep the shipping lanes open but forget about propping up puppet governments like Malikis.

Comment Posted By debunker-of-neocon-lies On 24.05.2007 @ 13:00

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