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Well, I had a glimse of sanity during our conversation, but again am wrong (Always the optimist). I guess that makes me a dimwit to some, maybe just stuborn to some...oh well...

Have a good liberal, socialiat, marxist, whatever, life....I give up, you are a lost soul.

Comment Posted By DEagle On 9.06.2006 @ 03:58


Come on...I have tried to be reasonable to a great degree! con't throw it away just because you hate Ann Coulter.

Ann can make all the claims she wants to just as you can! It's called freedom of speech. If she can't back it up, it will be known, so give it up an let her have her say. If she is wrong, it will be by consenses that it is so... and she will still have tyhe same fight it?

Damn, I'm trying to be reasonable with you and you continue to fight that your normal mode? If so, okay, I give up and am going to bed.....

Comment Posted By DEagle On 9.06.2006 @ 03:44

Well, I can only say that I do respect your right to vote for whoever you wish...

That said... I could not vote for anyone whose platform calls for more government, abortion on demand, gay marriage, know the that automatically eleminates the Democarats.

I do hope for an independent that could win... but they must be for smaller Federal governement, Simplification of the federal tax (flat tax is good). Commen sense, ie no pork projects, ie how about honesety and integrety..what a switch.

Actually, you sound like you would like a liberal government (ie. Socialist) which scares me... I do want the future of this country to remain Capitolist since it will effect my son. If it becomes socialist as France and Germany has become, then the chances of success are greatly dimmmed.

So... at this point in time, that means Republican, although that may change and if things continue as they are, not much difference. That could become problematic if they do not stop this rush to socialism...(yes, revolution could be in order), so who knows.

Comment Posted By DEagle On 9.06.2006 @ 03:35

While you do precieve that politics are corrupt, you seem to believe that the Democrats are less so and that is your downfall. They started this whole problem (Chicago, Cal, Fla), well, you see the problem. If you give up your desire to belong to a party (especially Democratic) then you will begin to be free...

Vote only honesity, humility, etc...I belive you alreay stated these... and you will be free of the interference of the MSM...

Comment Posted By DEagle On 9.06.2006 @ 03:14

Sorry, Coulter is still right in this latest book and all of her other books. When you begin to realize that, then you will be making progress....

Comment Posted By DEagle On 9.06.2006 @ 03:09

Hey, if your serious, I agree with you... What does that do to your enthusiam? Actualy, I am dissapointed with both parties and of course now with the Repubs. Too much spending, corruption (both parties), and am just about to give up on politics... so there...does that make you feel better...

Comment Posted By DEagle On 9.06.2006 @ 03:06


Ah, come on, surely you can disagree with that!

Comment Posted By DEagle On 9.06.2006 @ 02:58

Okay...justfor grins... If you are a conservative, I'm a liberal... Just saying that makes me queezy..

Comment Posted By DEagle On 9.06.2006 @ 02:52

Interesting... Sorry, I hold no hate...just beliefs. You changed the subject, I came with you... ask a question...and you went back to the original question...hmmm, I think that says something.

Sorry, your defense is pathetic and requires no more of my time. I take back my "Wish you well". You are a strange and unethical character....

Comment Posted By DEagle On 9.06.2006 @ 02:38


Sorry, I don't support Bush at this point but I don't go off the deep end and support Democrats either... Yes, peace, thrift, honesty, compassion, tolerance and HUMILITY are nice attributes and I agree...just who on the Democrat side does this exemplify?

Comment Posted By DEagle On 9.06.2006 @ 02:29

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