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Amen Rick...and Ed,

I'm surprised that you would even say that you think that the Democrats would pursue the terrorists as actively as the Republicans given their statements on the war and their activity that actually harms the war effor (against efforts to discover terrorists).

I guess that either you believe that they will change their attitude when in office or come up with a better plan - neither of which has been expoused to the public.

I really don't understand their actions or your understanding on this - seriously...

Comment Posted By Deagle On 5.09.2006 @ 20:37



I might add that some new strategy must be employed in today's terrorist world. I'm still not sure what will work, but I know that targeted attacks at groups within a state does not work... so what is the plan?

I believe that President Bush's idea that terrorist States must be defeated along with the terrorist cells is the only plan that might work. At least you take away the state support (both monetary and militarily).

The defeat of this enemy requires both defeat of the States sponsering them and the terrorist cells themselves. Just what is your plan to confront this enemy?

Comment Posted By DEagle On 15.08.2006 @ 02:09


While I understand your constraint, there is no other way in this type of war. Either you take out the coutry supporting terrorist groups, or you do what Israel did and try to target the bad guys. Does not work when half the country supports the non-government entity.

Those bad guys will continue to praise Allah and declare victory. The rest of the world will stand by and wonder what is happening.

Your simply have to take out whoever the enemy is (supporters and all) or face defeat in todays battles. I am not necessarily talking about nukes, but overwhelming force against the country supporting the terrorists.

As sorry as I am that the Lebonese government is destroyed, they brought this upon themselves by their support of the Hezbolloh. They are therefore subject to the results of war just as those that started the conflict. To do otherwise creates the situation that we currently have - Terrorists controlling a State with no consequences.

The idea that Hezbollah is a political group partially in control of Lebonan means that the whole country suffers. To pretend otherwise defies the idea of a countries actions defines the resultant actions. If it is such a political group, then it is acting with the country's (State) permission and the resultant reaction is warranted and just regardless of status of other citizens.

Comment Posted By DEagle On 15.08.2006 @ 01:55

B. Pastor,

Unfortunately, your are too right! I also believe that it will take a major city destroyed before we become serious about eliminating this threat. We are just in a waiting game it seems....

Comment Posted By DEagle On 14.08.2006 @ 23:36

What you have posted may be true if you are talking about a political solution and this is caused by the opposition of the world against civilian casualities. It is a shame that NOW the world talks about proportional response...instead of outright victory.

The only way that we will win this terrorist war is to ignore these political pressures and win the war. If that means destruction of a country that supports the terrorists, so be it. Neither Israel or the US can continue to make a difference between the terrorists and their supporters.

This may mean a major difference with the UN, but it must be done if the war is to be won. Maybe it is time to bring back the Dresden response for those that hide among civilians.

Comment Posted By DEagle On 14.08.2006 @ 22:55


They had a poll during Fox News today asking whether the MSM as a whole treated this conflict accurately... Well, of course they did not. I have watched CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News during this war and the difference is amazing! According to CNN and MSNBC, the Hezibolloh are insurgents, defenders of the Lebanese, freedom fighters, etc. Only FOX has described them as terrorists and fully informed the public of their aims.

It would be only be justice when the rest of the propaganda that CNN and MSNBC spouts is also debunked.

Comment Posted By DEagle On 6.08.2006 @ 17:21


Israel will do the initial Hezaballah disarmament, followed by NATO semi-enforcement. My guess is that this will give Israel a 7-10 to year semi-quiet period to catch up to US technology which will further surpass Hezballah. By then, Iran, Syria, and Hezballah will be so far behind that there will not be much chance of catch-up. Game over...

Okay, I'm dreaming...but I sure like the scenerio...

Comment Posted By DEagle On 23.07.2006 @ 11:45


Nice posts crosspatch...On the ball and correct in your analyzation.

Comment Posted By DEagle On 20.07.2006 @ 00:27

The CIA has unfortunately become a political arm rather than a protective group of the people (ie. at the command of our government). I'm sad to say that there is no relief in sight. They have since become only on minimal use.

Comment Posted By DEagle On 19.07.2006 @ 19:48



Mercy, I guess that to be a journalist means no allegiance to any county or right or wrong. Well, If that is the case, kill all the journalists during war (works for me if that is the case). Is that blunt enough for you...

Comment Posted By DEagle On 16.07.2006 @ 18:08

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