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"I would like to respond to each and every commenter but it really isn’t possible. I get more than 200 emails, comments, and trackbacks to this site every day."

Fair enough. I don't think a blogger can be held responsible for the sentiments of its posters, although I think they need to be challenged by their own side now and again. You see, I'm a fan of internecine debate--it's healthy--and I actually see more of it on the right these days. When was the last time, for examople, that a liberal blogger took on Atrios?

Comment Posted By david mizner On 10.06.2006 @ 12:41

Rick, I'm wondering why your post responses to only the liberals with whom you disagree. We shouldn't assume from your silence that you agree with, say, Scrapiron, who says Saddam was behind 9-11, should we? It seems a worthy goal to disabuse your fans of their most insane theories, lest we conclude that you approve of such crap. Scrapiron's claim is the mirror image of the leftists who say 9-11 was an Israeli plot.

Comment Posted By david mizner On 9.06.2006 @ 20:43

"We’ll all be waiting here for that crow we’re supposed to have started eating in 2000. When Saddam and Zarqawi were both in power, plotting their killing sprees and filling mass graves."

Zarqawi in power in 2000? Neither you nor I would have ever heard of Zarqawi were it not for the war in Iraq. That's right, Bush MADE Zarqawi. I hate terrorism, I hate terrorism with all my heart, and I hate this war because it's given the loathsome, vile terrorists like Zarqawi such a big boost.

Comment Posted By david mizner On 9.06.2006 @ 10:35

Okay, Rick, words matter, and I'll concede the point: American soldiers are not currently being slaughtered, although there have been incidents, like the bombing of the mess hall near Mosul, that qualify as slaughter of Americans. They are merely being killed, and injured. And, yes, they're dying in lower number than in past wars, but one death is too many if the cause is lost, as I believe it is. Rick, I was drawn to your sight by your post on Coulter, which struck me as decent and sharp. I'm always looking for smart conservatives with which to spar. Here's my point, I have trouble believing that given the depth of the problems in Iraq--a strong homegrown insurgency, shia-sunni violence, crime, violence amomg shiite sects in the formely peaceful south, the unresolved Kirkuk question, and a possibly diminished yet still strong Al Qaeda--a smart, honest conservative like you really thinks that Zarqawi's death and two political appoitnments are going to turn this war around.

Comment Posted By david mizner On 9.06.2006 @ 10:26

“Slaughter” of American soldiers is an outrageous exaggeration and you know it."

Let's go to the American Heritage: slaughter: the killing of a large number of persons. Rick, would you say 2400 persons is a large number? Are you saying you have kill more than, what, 20 persons at once? I mean, does it have to be like Haditha?

"And now that the Iraqis seem to have finally gotten their act together, I would fully expect the violence against civilians on the part of the irregulars to decrease dramatically."

How, exactly, have the Iraqis gotten their act together, by finally filling out their government? Rick, I almost want to urge you not to make a prediction like this. You'll only embarrass yourself. I'll come back in three months and show you how wrong you were.

Comment Posted By david mizner On 9.06.2006 @ 09:55

This article is idiotic. Zarqawi's death will be practically forgotten by November, a minor event in the public consciousness next to the continued slaughter of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians. To believe that Zarqawi's death is a big deal is to misunderstand what's happening in Iraq; but then to support the war is to misunderstand what's happening in Iraq.

Comment Posted By david mizner On 9.06.2006 @ 09:28


It goes to show that attacks on the "culture of corrpution" won't work. Voters believe, with good reason, that BOTH parties are corrupt. To win Dems need to focus on the economy, heatlh care, Bush's incompetence, and the catastrophe known as the War in Iraq.

Comment Posted By david mizner On 7.06.2006 @ 15:26


Coulter's popular in large measure because she dares to say what the rest of the right believes but is too polite or too scared to say. She's the id of conservatives. Bush better send her to Gitmo before the country sees the black heart of the modern conservative movement.

Comment Posted By david mizner On 7.06.2006 @ 15:22

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