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Nice article Rick, I admire your courage in taking on the nutcases in your own party. As for the banning part. It is your website. Last time I was by the post office there was an American flag on the pole. If you want to ban someone it is your right. If you don't ban nutcases they have a way of taking over. Self preservation is a good reason to ban.

Comment Posted By Conservosnemesis On 22.07.2009 @ 11:04


An American who goes overseas for treatment and pays for it out of pocket,can afford insurance. So why go there. The insurance company has refused to pay or a hospital or doctor will not perform that treatment in this country. The entire health care system in this country has turned into nothing more than a wealth redistribution program for a small percentage of people who run it. Every conversation about health care starts and ends with money. If a person has money they get good treatment, if not, maybe no treatment at all. The health care industry has no real competition. Anybody who thinks real competition exists has been drinking the koolaide at the conservative table. The health care industry does what it wants to whom ever it wants for as long as it wants as long as a PROFIT can be made. To all of you who had too much koolaide who think you and your doctor are really making decisions, ha, the bottom line of who ever is paying the bill is the deciding factor. The health care industry needs real competition not more of what we have had for many years now. The government only has the power to compete with this powerful industry. And compete they will. I'm not sure what health care in America will look like in 10 years, almost anything will be an improvement on what we have now.

Comment Posted By Conservosnemesis On 22.07.2009 @ 10:38


Get used to it conservatives, as your stupid party comes apart because you don't have the mental capacity to change. Those few who don't lose their mind may see the light and come around. Of course you can always go to tea parties and whine with all the other nut cases, or march on Washington with your future leader.Those who still have any common sense will place their vote elsewhere. Who wants to vote with the conservative crazies who have come out of the woodwork since Obama was elected.

Comment Posted By conservosnemesis On 21.07.2009 @ 19:04

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