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Everyone that reads this article or visits this site should read American Thinker's article

and stop quibbling over what ever hairs are split regarding the the GOP. The bottom line is the GOP needs to do what the Left has done -- always advance their agenda, never retreat, never surrender.

Comment Posted By cedarhill On 18.01.2010 @ 06:31


Speaking of strategery. Consider the timing of these items:
1. Bush tax cutes expire after the 2010 election and before the 2012 elections.
2. Stimulus bill of 2008 targeting 2/3rds of money to be spent in 2010 which will give a boost to the economy.
3. Nationalized health care not to really kick in until after the 2012 election.
and the list goes on and on.

Comment Posted By cedarhill On 23.12.2009 @ 08:04

Mark Steyn, in fewer words, summed it all up with the Democrats think "strategic" while the Republicans think "tactics". 'Tis why the war has been lost. Unless the GOP undergoes a fundamental change of approach we're seeing the final endgame of the FDR strategy. The Long March is about over. If you have time this holiday season, give thanks for the freedoms you've enjoyed. The socialist will not make many mistakes in consolidating the battlespace and, yes, they'll be back after 2010 or even 2012. It's the strategery thing.

Comment Posted By cedarhill On 23.12.2009 @ 08:01


It is exciting to see some indication the theories of solar system creation may be more true than false. But don't forget it's only an indication. A water (hot ocean) world six times the size of Earth? Show me the equations that predicted this planet. Then to jump to "conditions for life" is a bit of a stretch unless you work for the CRU under Jones. There is so much we don't know in these areas that it's fair to conjecture that or lack of knowledge is several orders of magnitude less than what some believe.

There are some theories (as in t-h-e-o-r-i-e-s) about how a single cell may have spontaneously occurred and how it managed to survive yet alone reproduce.

Evolution has become stagnated in the same sort of defensive posture climate science has become. Really interesting questions of species creation are blocked by the evolution theory. We've never really seen the mutation process working nor can we explain the explosion of species during certain periods. We just say "evolutionary process" and voila! Sometimes you read about mutations but in order for mutations to "take hold" there would have to be multiple near-identical mutations so they could breed to perpetuate the new species. All this means is we kid ourselves if we really think we know much about life, creation of species and how that all works in the cosmic scheme of things.

And don't forget unless there is faster than light transportation and/or communication capability we'd not even "see" what happened for quite a long time.

So, raise a toast to ET, sing a song of praise but don't bet a quarter you'll see any thing other than what the Earth has seen these last few billion years.

Comment Posted By cedarhill On 20.12.2009 @ 10:31


Anyone that might have a casual interest in science should read this the "Falsification Of
The Atmospheric CO2 Greenhouse Effects Within The Frame Of Physics" by actual scientists. It's only 115 pages including 30 pages of references, tables, etc. You can google it or download it at

Anyone that claims CO2 has any significant effect on global warming, global cooling, ice ages or is a pollutant is just simple ignorant. Those (including pundits) that don't bother doing the research are just parodies of junk science.

But then, we do live in the era of vast intellectual ignorance.

I do not believe CO2 has an effect on any of those things you mentioned - something you would know if YOU READ THE FUCKING POST!

I note that you didn't mention increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere or oceans - which means you either deliberately ignored those facts or the words were too difficult for you to comprehend. You appear to be another of those "the science is settled" jerks. Join your buddy Al Gore and wallow in your own ignorance.


Comment Posted By cedarhill On 28.11.2009 @ 16:56


You know, winning politics used to be about voting for someone or for something. Even if every pundit in the universe thinks it's the wrong reason. Obama is an example of wrong reason voting.

Palin is who she is. She's more like the average American in beliefs than the political whores and pundits that follow them and analyze their thought wave patterns. This is a time when we need the hedgehogs and not the foxes.

What's missing in most of the Palin bashing and frothing and spittle is whether a vote for her is a vote for the right reason? Is she better today than Obama? Give me a break. I've had women tell me they cry when they hear her speak because she resonates with them.

The Palin issue is a great deal like the AGW issue. Once folks know something about it, they change their mind. Most know only what they've been groomed to hear and believe. It's sort of like the Left saying how smart Gore was (he flunked out of two colleges), how much smarter Kerry was than Bush (wasn't) and how so intellectual Stevenson was and "too smart to be President".

None of the current crop of possibles (from Indiana's governor to McCain to Romney to Huck to Crist to etc.) have any excitement. It's worse than watching cow patties rot.

Comment Posted By cedarhill On 17.11.2009 @ 09:18


Interesting view but how does one ever win if your purpose is help the other side succeed? I'm sure most of us just can't wait for Rick to tell us the winning slogans that will swing the 2010 elections to conservatives. How about:

"Vote for me and I pledge to reduce the jail time you'll get for violating the Health Care Act from the current five years to only 18 months! And you'll be eligible for parole in only 6 months! Please hold your applause to the end."

A definite winning formula. Stirs the mind and warms the heart.

Comment Posted By cedarhill On 8.11.2009 @ 19:37


Lost in the details and nuance again. Congress will pass health care before Thanksgiving. Discussing whether rationed care is controlled by "death panels" or "death squads" or the what the Brits call them in their NHSor even some other term is, well, just real cool punditry. But so what?

The final bill enacted will be what the House-Senate conference insert, all 1400 pages. Don't be surprised if there is a provision for "End-Life Determination Assistance Agency, hereinafter refered to as Death Care Panels".

But do have fun batting around a ball that isn't in the game.

Comment Posted By cedarhill On 8.08.2009 @ 18:54


Anonymous? Chicken.
Hater? Good, I love folks that name call.
It is time for a new focus, a new direction and a new voice. We need to sweep the remnants of the GOP and just replace it or co-opt it. Don't ever forget Romney put in a form of Obamacare in MA. Or that McCain promoted BOTH amnesty AND cap-n-trade. Hardly a party cheering about.
I hope Palin is the start of the new party.

Comment Posted By cedarhill On 4.07.2009 @ 15:41

I hope we're finally seeing the GOP going the Whig way. The GOP is mostly a collection of professional pundits and has-beens that seem to continually seek the center of some bedroom. They've become the problem. If this is the tolling of the bell on the GOP then Godspeed.

Comment Posted By cedarhill On 4.07.2009 @ 09:35

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