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Strawman doesn't mean to offend but then proceeds to do just that. Name calling. Bush Bashing. Please, don't descend into the gutter of irrationality that seems to come from the loudest and most media favored liberals by using all the derogatory repetitive language fostered by the lunatic far leftists. Because in amongst your rantings of the "Howard Dean Method for Winning Friends and Influencing People", there are a number of valid points.

There is a large number of liberals who have joined in a mouth foaming feeding frenzy over a way to say President Bush is bad. The real truth is that while the few wild wooly loud-mouthed leftists who are salivating and dancing on the dead, the largest share of blame for maximizing damage belongs right in Louisiana and New Orleans. The governor failed to act, and is still crying about her duties, instead of just doing it. The mayor and his memorial for useless busses simply acted too slowly, then ran off to the safety of Baton Rouge to find leadership from the governor...... my, my, my, that would qualify as an oxymoron, wouldn't ir??? Louisiana governor and leadership don't belong in the same paragraph.

And I guess I am most disappointed by the police department where roughly two-thirds of the force deserted the sinking city, and are now to be rewarded with all-expense paid vacations because they have been so put upon. Please get off the blame gam for now. President Bush is the least to blame of all our elected or appointed and confirmed officials, unless you count the governor of Wisconsin who had absolutely no power to make any decisions or move any people, yet has opened up facilities to hous several hundred people. Max Power is 100% correct. The vast majority of Americans are deeply upset and saddened by the entire Katrina tragedy. It would be huge if the vast majorities of Americans would just tell the rabid salivating political panderists to Shut Up and Do Something. I don't want to hear your b.s. until the job is done.

Comment Posted By cbank13 On 10.09.2005 @ 22:37

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