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...which would be typical because according to his paper “plan” the people at the Superdome had enough for two meals a day…FOR TWO DAYS!

This is a detail which requires some fact checking. If this means 4 MREs per person, then that is way more than 2 days worth of food. A single MRE has about 3500 calories, which is an appropriate meal for soldiers doing strenuous work. For disaster victims trapped in a shelter and not getting a lot of exercise, one person should need to eat no more than half an MRE over a whole day or he/she will gain weight. Kids eat even a little less. Given that New Orleans has the highest obesity rate of any US city, if there was really not enough food in the superdome then some significant number of the people there could have missed a couple of meals and come out better off than if they'd had 2 MREs per day.

The far more important issue was water. Even skinny people can live on their fat stores with no food at all for a couple of days, but 2-3-4 days is the limit for water. And given the heat, think more like 2 days than 4. Your timeline says 3 truckloads were delivered to the superdome on Sunday -- so any reports of other water deliveries are very relevant. Focus on the water supply and ignore the food -- over this time scale dehydration means death, while hunger just means weight loss.

cathy :-)

Comment Posted By cathyf On 6.09.2005 @ 14:09

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