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N. O'Brain Said:
2:34 pm

Funny, as much of a sci fi/fantasy fan as I’ve been since, well, forever, I never did like Burroughs.

I loved his work all through my teens. Now, looking back, they were very formulaic and predictable, but the characters there almost always demonstrated the idealized best in men and best in women at the time. I've read all 93(?) of Burroughs novels (many up to 4 times) and always enjoyed them.

As you get "more sophisticated", you turn to more complex characters and heroes, but they were great as prototypes.

Comment Posted By canddmf On 30.10.2007 @ 15:15

I loved your number 1 pick. The Martian series was the first group of books I read voluntarily (around 12 years old) and still have my original paperpack versions.

Tarzan (of the books) was similarly "perfect" and mostly mis-used by Hollywood.

What a great selection!

The story of Roland (as I recall from long ago) was actually more tragic than stupid. I thought he was commander of Charlemagne's rear guard and thus required to protect the main army from the Moors? The reason he is heroic is that he did his duty until the end.

Comment Posted By canddmf On 30.10.2007 @ 12:15

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