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Oppostion is one thing, but in many things its appearances and some of what gets shown is the Republicans are being the Party of No. I'm all for alternatives, and frankly the Democrats aren't offering much that is really new or bipartisan, despite what they say they are offering. Both sides are becoming too partisan to really want to work with each other, and in an election year I would be pleasantly surprised to see it.

I also don't buy the MSM argument, there are news networks for both sides so their information gets shown, part of the problem is both sides slant their views on the material so its hard to get a balanced view from anyone.

Comment Posted By boyo111 On 24.02.2010 @ 14:48


Part of the problem is that no matter what the Democrats will pull out the big guns for the candidate, look at the recent "love-fest" that Victoria Kennedy put on. This was to give Coakley a boost, after numbers fell flat and she did not seem to be making traction, and now Coakley is making connections between Brown (who has only served in the state) with Bush and Cheney. Me smells desperation.

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"The question is, to my mind, how much “reform” should we be attempting at one time"

This is my view, we are overreaching and if we did this in small steps to bring things under control it would end up with something that people can see and accept, big dumb changes are something that everyone fears and gripes about afterwards. Just like 'shovel ready' projects that never came to pass, at least in my area, I don't think that this Administration and Congress can focus on some targeted reforms that would help and at least make a change that can be built on.

Comment Posted By boyo111 On 21.10.2009 @ 06:04

'Bottom Rail on Top'

Its all pretty much as you say, and why discourse in this country has gone so far down its all become a shouting match, when either side is so caught up in a visceral hatred of the other you can never find common ground.

Funny how the tables have turned so quickly, with the Right and Left now in the place each was in last year or the year before, but without acknowledging it or able to use it to their advantage. Both sides are still playing stupid political games, and in the end, both will end up losing (though the one that loses last will be considered the winner) but in the bigger picture its going to be this country that loses the most.

I don't know if a viable third party would help much of this, or just diffuse the anger some, still it's something I would rather see as the candidates in either party tend to be of the same mold.

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Rick, well written as usual, and I mostly agree with you that the government can't be trusted to run a program this large, we already see it struggle with similar programs. Still, can we make steps in a direction to remove the issues that cause people to lose care, become unable to afford care and ultimately bankrupt themselves to keep themselves and their families healthy? At this point I am more for regulation than overhaul, but I haven't seen anyone trying to make the steps in any direction, it always seems to be an all or nothing.

Like others I see this statement and I have to keep scratching my head, "decisions made by government that are better left to a patient and his doctor". Not because I think the government will do it better than an insurance company, but because there is a middle man there. If that middle man is such a problem then how do we get rid of it? If its a matter of WHO that middle man is then aren't we just switching from one to another (which I will agree is bad) and in that case I don't want that one to be come civil servant. If its a matter of WHO that middle man is, who do Conservatives want that person to be? I haven't seen their suggestion yet, but I also haven't read all the alternatives.

All I know is that over the years my health care is taking more and more out of my pocket, procedures are getting more expensive and now that I am in a state that demands I pay my own I see more how outrageous the prices are for what you get. The market doesn't resolve everything, nor is it the only solution out there.

Comment Posted By boyo111 On 7.10.2009 @ 06:43

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