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Great post. I spent some time reading this post over at Kos:

It made me sick. His minions in the comments section were even worse. This is the comment I posted on his site:

It's not really a time to politicize such a horrible tragedy, but do as you wish. (If I were in the mood to whine about politics right now, I'd go into a tirade about how you're "trying to divide" us when we should be joining together)

I'm on the GOP mailing list, and received an email from Ken Mehlman, the chairman of the party, explaining in detail ways to donate. It appears that their web site is now full of relief information. I hope you are happy now. Perhaps their web design staff was slow? Perhaps they were still working on the best course of action when you visited the site? Perhaps they just didn't jump into action fast enough. But instead, insulated by your bitter partisanship, you say:

"The devastation on the gulf coast offers the GOP nothing to advance its cause. Therefore, they officially ignore it."

Even you should be able to poke holes through the faulty logic in this statement.

Write about whatever you want. This is your blog. However, to me it seems that your first priority is your political agenda.

Your blog is very popular, and a lot of people visit here. I think that if you focus your power, you could help a lot of people. Please consider dropping the partisan BS. There are plenty of blogs (left and right) that you could work with to coordinate some kind of campaign. I hope that you end up doing the right thing.

Comment Posted By bheagle On 1.09.2005 @ 01:10



I'll take a moment to congratulate you for being an idiot. Are you on some kind of field trip from the insulated world of Kos? Armed with a token talking point, are you just traveling from conservative blog to conservative blog gleefully posting the same unrelated comment everywhere you go?

Go read about Bush's schedule; the office of the president travels with him. He doesn't sit around drinking margaritas all day on his "vacation." Also consider that Congress gets a longer "vacation" than he does. Enough of that. I don't want to feed you any more attention.

But I will say that it's rude for you to stroll in to someone's blog and leave a lame, irrelevant comment for an excellent, well-written post. I'd recommend actually reading what was written. It seems you didn't make it very far past the title. The cognitive dissonance might be scary, but I think you can handle it.

Anyway, I found this site a little while ago, and I've really been enjoying it. Since this is my first time commenting here, I should really get back to the subject of the post.

From the first commentary you quoted: the fact that someone thinks there was actually a "Bulgegate" is indicative of exactly how desperate the far left has gotten. The things I've read on leftwing blogs has never ceased to amaze me. It's unbelievable how smooth the Bush administration is! After all, they've gotten away with literally hundreds of conspiracies!

Great post, keep up the good work (and sorry for my little rant).

Comment Posted By bheagle On 20.08.2005 @ 02:30

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