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As a bush supporter I believe in high gas prices. This is capitalism plain and simple, and all this hysteria about "price gouging" from the moonbats is just what they deserve. I want to commend real americans like you in the nuthouse for staying the course while others bail out and abandon their conservative principles. I believe in the moral authority of dick cheney, tom delay, and jerry falwell. I am also in favor of the project for the new american century and I think we should proceed with our mission now that we have elected our government in Iraq. george bush is the greatest leader that we deserve, and I am hopeful that he will somehow be able to serve another four years because it is not a good idea to change horses in midstream. Iran must be subdued in order for us to be safe and only george bush has the guts and the moral authority to drop nuclear weapons on them. We also need him to step in and stop all these protests that are ruining this country. I think that being illegal and a protester should result in immediate deportation regardless of citizenship. If you have nothing to hide you should be ok with the spy program as well. George had to deny that he was the leaker because too many peoples cover would have been blown had he admitted up front that the leak had come from him. karl and dick would be in prison and we need them to help keep the country fine tuned.

Comment Posted By barneylamwinslow On 29.04.2006 @ 11:21

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