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you're right/ i'm wrong but to say kennedy didn't use the missile crisis to pass...i wasn't there-hindsight is beautiful-i just don't understand the reflexive No! to the bushbots 'plan'. he speaks english-i understand what he's saying- i see the honor killings/ acid facewash/murdering a film maker in the streets in broad daylight-wheres it going? i'm scared-i'll cast my lot with the man with the bullhorn- i hear you-the world hears you/blah blah/don't misunderestimate the people-i read history- i understand what this country's capabilities are- i also read what my enemy say- i do understand english- i saw beslan[what they showed] the dc snipers/ the unc attack/ricky reid/munich 72/ war-what is it good for? business? if it's truly global i don't want to be dealing with someone who's religion tells them a contract with an infidel don't mean squat/paranoid/yeah- but when the hurt comes guess who im blamin/what's your plan? talk? the un's doing a hellavu job w/ iran/ for crying out loud-europes giving up their free speech- i'm scared/sure/ aren't you? why not and what's your plan? iran did say they'd wipe israel off the map- i'll take them at their word/ bin l el said kill 4 million americans/ i'll take him at his word- sure/ put me in a box/ i'm comfortable w/ that-peg me for your bias'/ i can live w/ that- but may the lord forgive you if we get hit-cuz a lot of people will demand a response that will not be pretty-all i've heard from your side is NO/i'm sure you'll blame me/ comparisons to history are irrelevant-it depends on your argument/ how you frame the question-wwII-we had a common enemy[do we now?] fdr had internment camps[do we now?]did we do the right thing then? will we do it now?awww-fiddlesticks-the 60's screwed everything-rouss-O/de-construct/moral relativist/i got the taling points/ just give me my daddy w/ his bullhorn/sorry bout diebold/ everytime i say voter id i get called a racist and...words hurt

Comment Posted By babaram On 13.03.2006 @ 18:50

pathetic- ive lived thru your lies-you think im cheerleading? bully for you/ i only pay attention cuz you wont go away/ you're easily bought/ a couple of pulitzers/a peabody award/ a trip to davos/please go away-we're not buying it this time-going to someones funeral to insult the president-going to a foreign country to lecture me-thats class- sorry-not this time- you wont print the danish cartoons but you'll slander Mary- you don't think im paying attention? Diebold!-i'm more concerned w/people who'll cut my head off. Too bad our intelligence is no good thanks to the Church commission-yeah- ive had one eye on you weasels-you're tricky.where's the half truth here-we are at war. Diebold! pathetic!

Comment Posted By babaram On 12.03.2006 @ 18:38

3rd generation union construction worker here w/ opinion. The reason for the defence of G.W. is that SOME people's stock and trade are lies and insults.,doom and gloomers,thumbsuckers, deadenders etc. The reasons Iagree w/ the President are summed up nicely in your article. As for history, that's why we must come out now and remind people of how events unfolded in the past 5 yrs. I'm sure history will judge G.W. as a truly great president. It reminds me of Reagan/ with ALL the'smart' people telling us he was gonna start ww3 etc. Yes, I remember the marches in Europe over our deployment of missles, the UNRELENTING assault by the media whores. I also remember the wall coming down and thinking 'geez, whatta ya know, Reagan was right!' So all you libs can piss and moan while G.W. takes it to 'em, and I'll see ya on the other side, reading your twisted version of history, your pathetic excuse[ or more accurately your silence] That's the problem w/ Reagan, those wholived thru it see the brazen manipulations that you lefties tried. It didn,t work then and it ain't a gonna work now. I'd be more interested to see in 100 yrs. what,s gonna be said about the left and the treasonous democrats. You can't twist reality any more libs/ get used to it. A couple other points-verona transcripts-look it up- war on poverty!- and since we're talkin George Bush 1984 blues- what is a hate crime- no, rally stand in front of a mirror and say hate crime- if you laugh-you're on the road to recovery. See ya' at the polls PAL

Comment Posted By babaram On 12.03.2006 @ 10:30

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