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Obamaism is a new take over that may not leave the ground but what he may be doing is implementing help for the people by evening the playing fields using your governmental rules to counter the assault America's top 1% is implementing on this countries peon's. Because it isnt facism that rules but capitolism where only money talks, walks, and leaves everything in its way in chalk. Don't let good things pass by because of presumptions.

Comment Posted By ajay On 5.11.2009 @ 11:29


I really think you have a good point when pointing out the concepts not equaling whats actually possible. I 've been super deepp into researching the reason for the scare tactics that have been incorporated with the announcement of APF and Concentration camps. Which I'm starting to think is for the certain dark race of the country. Check out my full comments on

Comment Posted By ajay On 5.11.2009 @ 11:21

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