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After being fed up with all of the calls for the war 'being too long' and using the deaths of innocents as an *excuse* to be cowardly, I have decided upon a retreat plan... global in scope... although I doubt any will like it this will address the wider problems we face. And since we are in defeat we don't have to rebuild a damn thing as we go... A *perfect* third course, I should think.

Fix the problem, end Nation Building and get the job done.

Comment Posted By ajacksonian On 18.09.2006 @ 08:56


It is never the crime that gets you, but the cover-up.

If the media have *nothing* to fear, then thay can come clean and open their archives and demonstrate that all of the images of an event are available and that the metadata is available... all from the raw images and video. Cover-up, obfuscate and attempt to claim that it was just *one* individual, when it is a multi-year problem by more than one editorial review team at *multiple* media organizations will not cut it. They have let obvious fraud pass as *real* and purport it to be *news*. What they are giving, instead, is that journalistic thing called a *story*. Not all news is part of a *story* and often times the *story* can only be put together months and years after the events have happened. Similarly not all stories are *news*.

This started in the 1970's when going after the *story* became important and putting the news into a storyline was made the credo of journalism. Mere reporting won no awards. Presenting factual representations did not gain plaudits. But creating a story? Beloved by the *news*.

So now image archive is forever tainted by the fact that there was poor or no editorial oversight, that telling a *story* was more important than mere news. How much ELSE is there in the archive that has been misreported, misrepresented, or simply fraudulently added. And as Adnan Hajj has sold his pictures to MULTIPLE news organizations this indicates that it is more than *just* Reuters. Exactly how much fiction is being given to the public on a daily basis? And exactly what has and has not been *created* by lack of oversight, inept editing or outright fraud and given as *news*?

And what happens in a few years when adding 3D animated photorealistic data streams becomes possible? Moore's Law pushes that capability down and hard. Set standards for openness and transparency *now* and these things can be spotted more readily and individuals held accountable. Give them a pass... and I am sure that we will be at war with Oceania soon... or Eastasia...

Comment Posted By ajacksonian On 7.08.2006 @ 17:02

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