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Well, this is all quite fascinating. This website should rename itself "Libertarian Nuthouse". Since no one here seems to have trouble with gay marriage or drugs, why not "Libertine Nuthouse"? Or, if the previous post is to be taken seriously, how about "Country Club Libertine Nuthouse"? Okay, I think we're just about there.

Comment Posted By Xenophon On 10.11.2006 @ 15:14


Actually, this author says it better than me...

Comment Posted By Xenophon On 10.11.2006 @ 10:50

This no right wing nuthouse. This is Lincolnite fascist plutocratic kow-tow do-gooder big-tent multicultural Hail Mary big business sand box. Keep your moderate Republican masters. The rest of us are going to stand aside and watch you folks go over the falls along with your central government theories. You're no different than "moderate" Democrats. You don't think conservative voters see this fraud? Get out more often. Travel a little bit outside the northeast and upper upper midwest. As soon as the Democrats have demostrated once more that they are indeed Democrats, you'll see conservatives in states like Ohio and North Carolina and other states going back to alternative candidates. It'll be the same old story. That is, of course, unless the open borders fanatics manage to amnesty enough Hispanic voters to turn the tide permanently in favor of the Democrats and their statist agenda. In which case, all this backbiting among Republicans will have been a moot point. The country will then polarize by region and there will be nothing to stop it. PS: Check your history books. It was the Republican party that first injected regional politics into this nation. Up till then, it had been non-existent. The old Whig and Federalist parties were national, until their demise. And just as thoughful men of the time predicted, the Republicans proved a curse. It seems that any attempt to reform the party of state capitalism will fail. And that leaves us in the hands of the party of state socialism. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

Comment Posted By Xenophon On 10.11.2006 @ 10:46

The "moderate" folks must understand that the best way to handle a natural division of human interests and political preferences is a genuine republican form of government with power vested in local communities and states. That way, those people who are of like minds can choose the types of communities they wish to live among. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all central government. One man's "liberty" is another man's "hell." For God's sake,do-gooders! What is difficult about this concept? Do all of you want to reform the entire globe? The entire universe? Please, for the sake of the common man, those of you who are wedded to Wilsonian idealism and LBJ Great Society Programs...please form your own colony on a distant planet and leave this one alone.

Comment Posted By Xenophon On 10.11.2006 @ 09:18

Moran, put on your surplice and call yourself anything you like. Just don't call yourself a conservative. More likely your silly universalism is what animates you, not "conservatism". Using the power of the state to advance a social or economic agenda, no matter how self righteous, is what got us into this situation to begin with. Any solution that doesn't remove power from Washington and put it back in the hands of the individual states and communities is no solution. It is merely a ploy to keep people from understanding who is really in charge. Most of us who actually read more than the government-controlled school textbooks understand that American history is quite a bit different from what we're spoon fed. It's true that the early industrial elite did not engage in criminal activity. You're riht, there were no robber barons. By changing the laws of this nation to benefit themselves and like minded people, they were able to accumulate more money and power than a medieval king and do so legally. It was all done legally. You see, once you own the store, you can rearrange the shelves to your heart's content. Well, some of us don't like the merchandise anymore. We don't want do-gooder socialism and we don't like plutocrats. And right now, we don't see either party as acting in our best interests.

Comment Posted By Xenophon On 10.11.2006 @ 08:58

Tears for the Rockefeller wing? Surely, you jest? This crowd was the holdover from the founding members of the 19th century party...the old oil and railroad barons who cared not a whit for social issues so long as they got their paws on the levers of financial power in Washington. These aristocrats were happy to sell white middle class people down the drain with forced busing, affirmative action and illegal immigration because it was in their financial iterests to do so. Naturally, they never have to worry about the consequences for their children because they inherit millions. If the Democrats are the "rainbow coalition", then the Republican party is now the party of the white middle class. And what we want is autonomy for our people just the same as blacks, American Indians, Asians and any other group desires. We want our own communities where we can raise our children free from the influence of a corrupt multicultural elite, where we call the shots for our kids' education and where we decide what our taxes will be. We want government cut down to size and we want our elected leaders to realize that we don't worship at the alter of either big government or big business. If Bush and his aristocrat bretheren in the Ivy League can't understand this, then perhaps a whiff of revolution will help wrap their addled brains around the concept of "liberty". That may be asking too much of a snotty plutocrat, but we're past the point of asking for anything. We're getting angry.

Comment Posted By Xenophon On 10.11.2006 @ 08:12


A republican form of government will always end up tanking at some point. We may be nering that point. We are moving in parallel with ancient Rome. When the Republican form of government at Rome became inept and proved unable to govern the empire, Julius Caesar put it out of its misery. Sooner or later, we're going to veer too far off track to be able to get back on. And I fear the feckless use of our military could be our undoing. How much abuse can our soldiers take from the incompetent political class before they just say no? If and when Washington faces its Waterloo, both parties will be in the gunsights.

Comment Posted By Xenophon On 9.11.2006 @ 15:49


Trying to establish democracy in third world countries, especially Muslim countries, was the mistake. I had no problem with disarming Afghanistan and Iraq. But I always had a problem with the concept of introducing democracy there as some sort of cure-all for these dysfunctional societies. We cannot do this. Wilsonian idealism should be dead and buried by now, but I fear more mischief by our silly political elite before long. So don't blame just Rumsfeld for trying to "dream the impossible dream". Blame everyone in the administration including Bush who thought this insance plan would work in the first place. We should have blasted Iraq to smithereens, shot Saddam, put a friendly dictator in his place, then kept a few divisions of Marines offshore as a reminder that we would be back PDQ if any threats to our interests revived. But that was the road not taken.

Comment Posted By Xenophon On 8.11.2006 @ 17:41


Apathy is the reason conservatives are staying home. Eight years of Bush II is enough to crush the life out of any idealist. Let's go over some facts. Here are the areas of concern for conservatives: size and scope of government, government spending, government's growing role in education, affirmative action, meddlesome federal judges, women in the military, gay rights, homosexual marriage, abortion, and immigration. Did I miss anything? Bush has been either soft or downright hostile to his opponents on these issues. But he didn't say that when he ran back in 2000 did he? And now we're supposed to care how the election turns out? Ha! If you're into materialistic determination, go ahead and vote. About the only thing you're voting for is "tax cuts"...whatever that means.

Comment Posted By Xenophon On 6.11.2006 @ 20:28


If this helps keep the GOP in control of the House, that's great. That would at the least prevent an Amnesty Bill from being sent to Dubya. (Which he would gladly sign.) I really don't care about the aristocrats in the Senate. Nor do I care about the Thing in the White House.

Comment Posted By Xenophon On 1.11.2006 @ 11:40

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