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You could add in there that the need for dams, nuclear and fossil fueled power generating plants would be eliminated. The wires that we string all over the place to decorate our skyline could be torn down. Pipelines in Alaska and huge tankersip disasters waiting to happen could be averted and removed...

What would all these people do who rely on our ecological nightmare for employment?

Comment Posted By Wont Leve Naim On 28.04.2006 @ 10:27

I offer this end to your story because truth is stranger than fiction.

Comment Posted By Wont Leve Naim On 28.04.2006 @ 10:09

In the nineteen ninetys a group of people got together and built a machine that generates electricity from sunight (or any source of heat above 84 degrees. This could be used to turn water into hydrogen and oxygen to propel our cars. The government and your turnip people got together and determined that this machine needed to be stopped as it would undermine the control turnips gave them with regards to the economy. As this was essentially a perpetual motion machine, the need for turnips would be limited to lubrication, plastics and medicines.

They convinced the world that the machine created a hole in the sky so the machine was banned.

Comment Posted By Wont Leve Naim On 28.04.2006 @ 10:05

The first entrepanuer who created artificial shortages to bolster the price of product was Cecil Rhodes. When the discoveries of pipe mines in South Africa resulted in a flood of diamonds reaching the Europeans, the price of diamonds droped to less than 50 cents a carrot. Shiploads were taken back out to sea and dropped into the ocean. Cecil got all the miners together and covinced them to tie the number of diamonds in the marketplace to the number of mairrages occuring. Diamonds were also found in Ziare and Russia.

Comment Posted By Wont Leve Naim On 28.04.2006 @ 09:51


You guys have me in stitches. Everytime an issue is either allowed to come to the fore or is pushed to the fore it gums up the works, ties up the bain cells and covers something really bad.

Something smells really rotten...

Comment Posted By Wont Leve Naim On 30.04.2006 @ 00:41

Ps...It goes back to a liquid state well above 53 degrees.

Comment Posted By Wont Leve Naim On 27.04.2006 @ 23:35

A couple of minor things I forgot to mention...

The average attic in North America in the summer is well above 84 degrees.

The average ground temperature a few feet down is 53 degrees.

One of the people involved is hiding out and the rest are dead.

The prototype has been somehow lost.

Conclusion: I give up.

Comment Posted By Wont Leve Naim On 27.04.2006 @ 23:24

Not to change the subject, but I am in a way...

Has anyone wondered why there was all that hullabalu about global warming and without any proof a ban was initiated against freon in the 1990's?

Seemed innocent enough. Regular scapegoat with almost no-one complaining.

Reality check...

A few independent entrepeneurs and scientific types had this idea based on the fact that freon has what is known in chemistry as a flash point of 84 degrees. In other words it goes from a liquid state to a gas with explosive force at temperatures above 84 degrees.

Anyway one of these guys mortgaged his home after initial tests proved positive and after burning out three generators a working prototype was built.

It produced enough electricity to supply the needs of six homes.

Think of the damage such a device would inflict upon the status quo.

The only thing between hydrogen cars in the lab and those on the streets is the enormous amounts of electricity needed to produce it from water.

Now if you could do it at home free...

Until a way can be found to make the rich reap huge rewards there will be no advancement in alternative energy.

Comment Posted By Wont Leve Naim On 27.04.2006 @ 22:53

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