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Now I have to go see it.

Comment Posted By Wont Leve Naim On 1.05.2006 @ 00:23

There is only one way this movie can be adressed by people who limit speach in the name of free speach, impose their beliefs on those who believe otherwise, manipulate the system to suit their goals while chastizing those who don't agree...

It is only too obvious that this movie is not politically correct.

Comment Posted By Wont Leve Naim On 1.05.2006 @ 00:21

The thing I get out of all of this is the lack of vision of beaurocrats and people in office who we are trusting to look out for us. There is now way reactions between so many affected people can be other than a snails pace (much too little, much too late) without practice of first responders to hypothetical situations. Think of the multitude of targets in the United States and it's allies and all the weapons and household chemicals that can be weaponized to attack them...

We have been very lucky since 9-11.

Comment Posted By Wont Leve Naim On 29.04.2006 @ 21:53


If the complacents get their way we will see this again, only it will be a new target and the statistics will be much worse.

I wonder what our response will be when an attack on one of our hundreds of potentially devastating soft spots kills hundreds of thousands or even millions?

If Iran was led by a smart man he would make every effort to make sure that didn't happen.

Does what Iran is doing now have the appearance of being led by intelligence?

Comment Posted By Wont Leve Naim On 29.04.2006 @ 22:24


You know, I've been talking about this thing for years and it is going nowhere. If I didn't believe it could solve a huge set of problems caused by our uses of fossil fuels and hydro power and nuclear fission I'd have given up years ago.

As it is I'm getting older. There is one person left who still hopes to get something for the effort invested...

I just want to see some serious money spent to either locate the origional prototype or redo it. I mean none of the people involved were rocket scientists. I'm just tired of the whole thing.

It's funny how time changes how you feel or think about things. I used to want to be part of something that really took off and made it big. At the time of the machine's developement I was working on an internet access machine with one other person seperate from the freon thing but that is how I linked into that. The internet thing looked very promising until AOL went free and all the lines got tied up so no one could get on until their time was gone. We had to pull out our machines until we could solve the server problem and a couple of other ones like killing the keyboard until they were on so they couldn't change the modem settings.

GTE signed up all the airports so we got blocked by the big boys... I think one of our investors ratted us out for a big payoff. I won't name any names but John Straus of Zircon, the company that manufactures and distributes the stud sensor got the idea for that one from another person who had a booth in one of those new product shows where he was showing it along with a video demonstration. John went out and bought a piece of balsa wood and a can of black spray paint, produced a video that showed him ostensibly using it to locate studs on one sided wall and opened his own booth to see what kind of interest there was in it. There was tons. So he called up his R&D people and they actually made one that worked and with all his millions he went into production in silicon valley until they moved their plant to Mexico to find cheaper labor.

Anyway I'm older now and my outlook has been knocked down enough. If someone was to find a way to redo what has been done and it put a big dent in the status quo. I'd be very happy... One thing more...Never file for a patent until you are far enough into production and distribution so that they can't steal your idea. You can't patent an idea, only the technolgy.

Comment Posted By Wont Leve Naim On 29.04.2006 @ 23:51

When a liquid turns into a gas it occupies many times the space it did as a liquid. Water becomes steam and steam expands at a ratio of aproximatly 17,000 to 1. With reed valves you can limit the direction of flow and that is the source of the force that pushes the freon back into the ground or water or whatever source you have for cooling the freon. We burned up 3 generators before we found a way control or slow down the process.

Scientists, studying the tape of the Hindenberg disaster have concluded that what caught fire was the agent used to weather proof the skin of the Hindenberg. If the hydrogen had ignited the explosion would have been far worse.

Part of the secret of the system has to do with the workings of the turbine.

It isn't ownership of the patent that has stymied developement. It is the outlawing of freon and the huge cost imposed by this that has stopped this thing.

Comment Posted By Wont Leve Naim On 29.04.2006 @ 22:49

I wonder if this Dennis Lee got control of the prototype somehow?

When freon was outlawed it effectivly ended the economical viability of the generator because of the quantity needed to operate a machine of the size that would be mounted on a house. Although the freon is encapsulated inside and would not be released into the atmosphere, you could not get the necessary freon as it is unlawful at this time.

Just because this Dennis Lee is using the technology to rip people off doesn't mean it didn't work. It proves that by making freon illegal it can't be made.

Comment Posted By Wont Leve Naim On 28.04.2006 @ 13:38


Gasoline is highly flamable and yet we cart it around in the back of most of our cars.

The trouble with water powered cars is that it takes much more power to split the water molecule into its two seperate components than could be produced by a pocess mounted on a moving vehicle. But if it could be done at home...

Comment Posted By Wont Leve Naim On 28.04.2006 @ 12:30


Never heard of this Dennis guy.

He may have heard about us though. I wonder if he was in Arizona when we were putting this thing together.

A patent was filed and that could be how he got his ideas.

We built a machine and it works like this:

Draw a circle, it repesents a closed pipeline. At the top of the circle the pipe comes in contact with heat, sun, geothermal, etc. Freon expands rapidly from a liquid state to a gas at 84 degrees. This gas is pushed through the pipe into the ground where the temperatue is about 53 degrees almost everywhere. The gas returns to it's liquid state and the pipe heads upward again. Somewhere on this pipe is located a generator that produces aproximately 6 times the energy to run a typical household.

If this Dennis guy had invested the money to develope this machine, he could have with a lot less than is implied by the site you sent me to says that he got.

The guy who financed the freon generator patented it shortly before freon was blamed for the hole in the ozone layer around Antartica. He died of an apparent heart attack and his wife lost the home, which he had mortgaged to pay for this little experiment. I don't know what happened to the machine prototype but I do know this Dennis guy didn't get it because if he had they would have seen that it worked.

Comment Posted By Wont Leve Naim On 28.04.2006 @ 12:22

We are traped in this web...

Comment Posted By Wont Leve Naim On 28.04.2006 @ 10:59

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