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The real answer is Plame works for the Hair dryer ladies in the movie 'Our Man Flint' and they are taking control of the intelligence Directorships in the community with the exception of France and Italy. Germany threw in the towel, but thats because of the problems in France and Italy and the fact that they figured Plame went back in time to Vanity Fair Engalnd(the movie) when the NASA executive program relocated to Langley.

So, the real answer is Plame is a criminal conspiracy(don't worry about the community in Iraq or our last ally, Spain) DOJ will not come near because Fitz really prefers politicians and will do anything for the Union at CIA, like Woodward.

Okay, we still have hope if you watch 'The President's Analyst- it really was the phone company and, yes, the Beattles were an MI5 invasion.............

Comment Posted By Wingnuts70s On 22.11.2005 @ 18:40

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