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Sheehan is the one with the name, and the one with the following, but she isn't the only mother who hates the ideals of her son. (That is the only way to describe it, anyone who thinks her son would tolerate this in anyway other than having her committed must be. . . .well cindy sheehan) You're from Chi right rick? well remember in 2003 the mother who lost a son, she was from the SW burbs, and she, AT HER SONS FUNERAL!!! vamped for the camera's, feigning a faint (spelling) where a Marine in full dress escorting her had to grab her arm and put his arm around her shoulders, she then, at THAT moment, embraced by a Marine looking distraught screamed at the camera's "George Bush killed. . . . My SON!" it was so shrill, and obviously intentional.

I have no problem with real issues with the war, I DO have a problem with those who pre-suppose an arrogant moral authority to make a political statement. Murtha, sheehan, crazy chick from the chicago burbs are insulting. They openly say, "don't question my sacrifice" but then they turn around and they defame the very "sacrifice" they supposedly offered up. They prove themselves liars and manipulators, and very very low people by feeding off of their own young in the hopes of their 15 minutes.

Comment Posted By wickedpinto On 6.03.2006 @ 13:25


I watched the first two episodes of the first seasons, and 24 didn't turn me on. Two other things had to happen for me to start watching it. First I kept hearing everyone talking about it, especially you. Second, an A&E 24 marathon.

Now I'm hooked, and chloe looks like a love child between Rick Moranis, and Anne Heche

Comment Posted By wickedpinto On 24.01.2006 @ 15:44


You Watching the Christmas Game?

Sweetness is Gone, "DA" Coach is gone, doesn't look like god loves the Bears, at least right now.

Comment Posted By Wickedpinto On 25.12.2005 @ 19:42


This isn't even imaginative. Whenever there is the need to create an oppressed class for political expedience there is a variation of this myth. At least most of the time in the past it has been through artistic liscense. There is an episode of "Good Times" where the father loses his job, because his son is doing an essay or some such on communism, and decides to check out. . . . well the exact same book. When the book puts up a flag, the FBI decides to visit the employer of the father, and ask questions, resulting in the fathers dismissal. The end of the show has one more hokey joke, followed by the morality play of governmental abuses.

There is also a BRADY BUNCH episode, that I can't recall specificaly. There is likely an episode that revolves around this exact myth in every long running TV series or sitcom.

But this one, reads IDENTICAL to the "Good Times" episode. Maybe these reporters and proffessors should put down the lube they use to stroke eachothers ego's and take a bite out of pop culture to realize how easy it is to fool the elite.

Go Bears! Yay Sox, and what on earth is Daley thinking asking for a second football team? Like every member of the second team, and their fans wouldn't be regularly pants'd by the entire populace of this great city, misnamed "second."

Comment Posted By Wickedpinto On 23.12.2005 @ 18:15

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