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The "metaphorical wars" that he is talking about never existed. The "Metaphorical Wars" that he speaks so poorly about are the wars waged by the left against false impressions of what a war is for or about, and destroy the basic dignity of America.

Vietnam was ill concieved, but not a bad war, Korea was ill concieved, beutifuly executed and poorly negotiated (thanks to the UN) The failures of War in the recent past have nothing to do with fact living up to the anti-war metaphors he is citing, but rather the cowardice of individuals in power at a time allowing these bad false mixed, and uneducated metaphors to live up to truth.

It is a self fulfilling prophecy. If the nation was filled with McCains, and Wolfowitzes? Iraq WOULD be a functioning democratic nation right now, however, there are enough people like this pissant who have convinced men with lesser matter to believe that therapy is the most important post war trait of conflict.

Comment Posted By Wickedpinto On 24.05.2006 @ 22:41


God forgives sinners, but his love is for all. And the only way to show YOUR love for god, is to not sin.

Mary is no peter, no paul, and DEFINATELY no john.

Comment Posted By wickedpinto On 14.05.2006 @ 13:54

Even the "evil" Christians, know that Peter, the rock of the church, denied his own saviour, in fact, he did so three times. And most should know that Paul, who is the in fact founder of the church of rome, now the roman catholic church, was a pharasee, who persecuted christians while he was named "saul" so everyone who has any education in christian history should know just how intolerant christians are, with there whole manchurian candidacy of peter, and the red hearing of paul, should know that ms mccarthy is a hero JUST like judas.

hold a second, my mother is interupting me ("what?" "no, the libs keep saying. . . " "what?" "no!? peter was absolved!" "BS he wasn't? peter was TOO forgiven by christ!" "I don't care about your lifetime of faith, then explain paul?" "NO!" "you are wrong mom, I know you had 18 years of training, but paul was just a virtuous sinner" "good so you aggree that he was a virtuous sinner" "How does his power establishment interfere with the teachings of christ!? explain THAT!?" "yeah, Saul in his own guilt forced martyrdom on his fellow christians, thats so typical" "Mom! I love you, and you know much more than I do about the christian faith but really, all of your arguments are ridic. . ."

"okay, yeah, constantine was only out for power, and he invoked the names of peter and paul, big deal? They still would have been saved."

"Mary is no peter nor a paul? whys that you think? she did what she thought was right!"

"whats this crap about caeser and god?"
"she defied both?"

"okay whatever, I will figure it out during the next meet the press, you are clearly delusional"

Comment Posted By wickedpinto On 14.05.2006 @ 13:53


When it is the will of the person, spoken on part of the will of the people, when any person might accomplish the same task (blogging) then it is fundamentaly neutral. There is no need for any intervention.

Comment Posted By wickedpinto On 2.05.2006 @ 12:39


I saw her interview on CSPAN about her book about the bosnian "occupation" and I realized she was a selfrighteous idiot outsider making judgements about HUGE organizations, based on small experience.

She's a reporter, which makes her, by definition "ignorant" because her only job is "asking questions" and the answers she fabricates are either the words of others, like the treasonous mary, or arrogant assumptions about situations based on what she has learned second hand from treasonals people like mary.

All "intel" reporters are stupid.

Comment Posted By wickedpinto On 23.04.2006 @ 17:05


Prospectors, who aren't willing to offer effort on their own parts, tend to reach for future gains. They are looking for a 30 year, monthly income of $302 believing that you are a POSSESION, rather than a participant, building a commodity.

Take it, build a new blog, and use this as a MOCKERY of common business.

I say this, because I was THE guy at a 3/4 million a quarter contract, and _I_ was sold out by my company, and when Bell and Howell MMT sold out to I THINK! "bowe international"? They lost my customer.

Service, value, and respect are NOT commidity's that are easily traded. And _I_ am not salable. i'm not a commodity. I quit.

Comment Posted By wickedpinto On 29.03.2006 @ 00:14


I teared up like a baby being told he was bad.

I was born here, my parents were born here, and my grandparents didn't remember moving here, that doesn't make me more American than anyone else, and in many cases, I'm ashamed at how so few understand that America is more than a random designation of birth, but rather an ideal that we should all work towards. The idea of freedom and liberty for all, but the fact that freedom and liberty requires efforts of individuals to be free, not the ability to hold out an empty cup and expecting it to be filled.

It is a slap in the face, it has been every time the government has washed it's hands in this way, punishing people who aren't Citizens, but who know the Idea of America more than many who are.

Comment Posted By wickedpinto On 30.03.2006 @ 18:57


I'm not sure boss. So Ford IS being defamed by liddy? or is liddy being unjustly accused of racism? or is there a nuance to it?

I personaly see the fancyford site as a manipulative, though not excessively so, site that points out how ford is living the good life thanks to his "political" event/'s

And I can see how it LOOKS kinda racialisticalyist if you think that way, which the dems do, when you look at the site, it's not THAT hard to see liddy saying that Ford might be living (pardon the term, but it applies, since the accusation of racism) "Nigga Rich." I can see how someone accustomed to viewing all things as racialisticalyist might come to that conclusion.

Truth, I don't like either the site, or the post.

Comment Posted By wickedpinto On 10.03.2006 @ 15:22


one more thing, random thing really. why did the terrorists have a problem releasing the gas? it's a gas, it's kind of natural that it should be relatively easy to disperse into airvents. With all of the resources these guys have, why do they have to use ventilation systems if the gas is so potent, and I haven't seen a verified spelling, but I think I keep hearing "Tox" as in toxin, rather than "tex" so I think the name of the gas is supposed to be "syntox" since that can be rationalized as a general gas that is a "synthetic toxin"

Comment Posted By wickedpinto On 7.03.2006 @ 12:30

How about if I said he’s violating “legal rights.” Would that be accurate?

how much longer do you wanna make that list Mr. Moran? Stick with the constitutional, but I think would be satisfied if you just stuck to the rights that are clearly listed in the 200 odd year old essay.

Comment Posted By wickedpinto On 7.03.2006 @ 12:20

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