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Re: headhunt23

If you think Obama's speech had no great analysis there, because of no original thought, I can only imagine how low your opinion is of the current bunch of fratboy knuckleheads who are running the joint. Mismanage a war so bad, like they never heard of the Powell Doctrine when he was standing right there, and then blame everybody else all these years while at the same time telling us all is well! What a bunch of jamoches. Twelve years of a Repulican congress, and it's still the democrats fault. People are finally starting to wake up.

Comment Posted By WhitIV On 14.12.2006 @ 03:16

To: headhunt23

Did you actually read the date he gave that speech? Did you notice that he gave that speech well before the ISG released its report? Did you notice that the ISG made many of the same points as Obama, with no disagreements at all with anything that Obama said? Not that anyone of any significance was on the ISG - yank yank. Not that the ISG didn't come up with its conclusions with a whole lot more resources than Obama has. Like W could make such a speech. Yeah, like that.

Comment Posted By WhitIV On 13.12.2006 @ 20:01

Empty vessel my butt. Spend any time reading Obama's speeches, or reading his books, and you will find a lot more substance there than any other president since G.W.H. Bush, and most of the candidates for that office since then as well. What, you want someone to hold your eyeballs open and force you to read it? No, you have your own agenda. You and your ilk are throwing labels at Obama just to see if one sticks a little.

Audio and Text of Senator Barack Obama's Remarks "A Way Forward in Iraq" at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs Now Available Online, text and/or audio - Yep, compare the breadth and depth of this speech to ANY made by the current president, or any of his official representatives.

Or read this editorial from that well-known hot bed of liberalism, the Chicago Tribune. Entitled "Obama Should Run," the editorial begins "With the 2008 presidential field taking shape, the striking thing is how little excitement most of the possible candidates are likely to evoke.",1,6299295.story?coll=chi-opinionfront-hed

"I think Barack Obama is the most interesting persona to appear on the political landscape in decades. He's a walking, talking hope machine, and he may reshape American politics."
--Mark McKinnon, top advisor to G.W. Bush in last two White House runs, as quoted in NY Times, Dec 4, 2006

Why not go for fresh blood, charisma, and smarts from the heartlands? Our strategy of electing seasoned political veterans from Texas and Arkansas has worked so well.

If this column is the best you can do (we don't know who he is, he doesn't have the experience, he is too young, etc.), you are going to be in for a long two years if Obama decides to run, and a long eight years after he becomes president.

Comment Posted By WhitIV On 13.12.2006 @ 15:47

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