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"Rick, you are exactly correct. Bush and the Republicans brought this debacle on themselves. They bought it, paid for it and richly deserved it."

Exactly!! I sat here and watched a Republican majority in the House & Senate, and control of the White House amount to ... nada, nothing, nil, zip.

Its what happens when there is a leadership void, and boy, was there ever a leadership void. Of all the things that the Repubs could have done legislatively and didn't. Strict imigration policy, permanent tax cuts, repeal of McCain-Feingold so we could get our 1st amendment rights back, etc. Well, I for one, was tired of a do-nothing, in-control Congress. I sat this one out since there didn't seem to be any difference between Repubs acting like Democrats and real Democrats. What would the point have been?

Comment Posted By Vulgorilla On 8.11.2006 @ 13:50


"... Allen may very well have sealed his victory by “outing” Webb’s fictional day dreams but he has lost his soul in the process."

I disagree. This is not some unsubstantiated allegation concerning some unprovable event that happened 25 or 30 years ago being used as a political smear tactic. All Allen did was to state facts already in evidence in the public domain. Period. If that's what you call a "dirty" campaign, then so be it, but I call it a "smart" campaign. Nothing was made up, nothing was fabricated. Some of us voters want to know about the moral fiber and character of the candidates, and writing about sexual abuse of a minor is just one small step away from actually doing it, IMHO. Foley didn't resign for nothing, eh? My only question to the Dhimicrats is "How does the shoe fit? Comfortable?" Heh.

Comment Posted By Vulgorilla On 27.10.2006 @ 12:03


"To question whether MJF was acting or off his meds in order to make a political point is a reasonable question."

I totally agree! MJF specifically used his disease to make a political point, and so has removed his "body armor" in the ensuing political debate. Questions now concerning his disease, his motivation for doing the ad, his politics, etc. are, IMHO, all fair game. If he didn't want to be shot at, he shouldn't have entered the fight.

Comment Posted By Vulgorilla On 25.10.2006 @ 17:53

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