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Ooppps.. in my last comment I mentioned a "this guy".. this is the guy:

Comment Posted By Vince P On 25.02.2008 @ 07:43

According to this guy, only one of Obama's great-grandparents is Black African, the rest on his father's side were Arab. That makes Barry 50%white, 43%arab 7%black.

If you ever read Ayaan Hirsi Ali's book "Infidel", you'll note that she was raised in Somalia. During the Civil War in the 1980s her family had to flee and they eventually settled in Kenya because Kenya's christian heritage had resulted in Kenya being relatively stable. yet tribal affiliations were still the predominate factor in one's identity. So it really doesn't matter that Kenya is where his family is from.. that part of Africa is about the tribe, so if Barry's father side is mostly Arab, and his father is a hard-line polygamous Muslim, then had barry lived in kenya his whole life, he would have been too.

This is why Obama is supporting the distint cousin in Kenya who is behind all the violence.. Muslim tribal allegences.

We in the West are pretty naive that we think we can ignore all this because "we're so much better".. we're so above all this... Well the world doesn't work that way.. We better realize quickly what the world is decaying too because of the revival of Islam.

They play by no rules... we have too many.

Comment Posted By Vince P On 25.02.2008 @ 07:42

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