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Coulter simply smiled when Tucker Carlson basically said that this controversy was good for sales, and then noted her book was #3 on the list.

So much for taking a political stance.

Have you ever observed passive/aggressives? They smile and willfully remain silent when they flagrantly set a passionate response in motion. There is only one way to counter passive aggressives: ignore them. Coulter's comments in regard to the 9-11 widows deserve nothing more.

BTW: freedom of speech is our fundamental right, and Coulter has a right to her opinions. I prefer taking the high road and engaging in a legitimate, thought-provoking dialogue.

My take on this? Coulter is simply selling books and promoting herself at the expense of the widows.

Comment Posted By Vicky Sanborn On 7.06.2006 @ 19:42

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