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I've known and liked you for a long time, at least going back to working together during the primaries last year, but I disagree with a lot of what's being said here, and this is why.

Not only was Jackson aquitted during his 2005 trial, but the whole event was a sham. In fact, it was a slam dunk not-guilty because it became so blindingly obvious to anyone who waited for all the facts to come out that it was a scam.

It's a fact that the Aziro family tried to scam numerous celebrities (not all were left wingers) and most, if not all of them, spoke out on these matters.

The stories of the prosecution witnesses were so twisted and contradictory of each other that it was blindingly obvious that they were lying.

Does that mean that Jackson never molested a child? Of course not. Just like it's possible that anyone who is found innocent of a crime may have committed the act and gotten away with it. However, unlike the Simpson case, the family that accused Jacko's story was so worthless by the time the trial ended that they had no legs to bring forth a civil suit.

Of course, I wouldn't let my child spend the night with Michael Jackson unchaperoned. At the same time, I wouldn't let my child spend the night with any adult unchaperoned who wasn't related to me. In fact, any adult that would let their child spend unchaperoned nights with any adult because they were a celebrity has serious problems. Here's a question to all of those on here that I read on a message board somewhere today:

"If your child was molested, how many millions would it take for you to drop the case? Which would involve telling your child to lie to the prosecutor."

I'm not even saying that Jackson is innocent, he was definitely a strange person, but I'm not going to declare him guilty for the same reasons. I respect the laws of the United States, and since there were no subsequent actions taken in other avenues, then it's because the legal avenues are exhausted.

Comment Posted By Tommy Oliver On 26.06.2009 @ 17:32


Count me in.

Tommy Oliver

Comment Posted By Tommy Oliver On 25.12.2007 @ 11:13

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