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I note with amusement that multiculturalism, that treasured dogma of progressives everywhere, compels the conclusion that Third World creeps and ragheads are incapable of self-government. Nowadays, this is the dogma specifically of the Left. Ironic, isn't it?

Comment Posted By Tom G On 14.12.2005 @ 22:52

The Left's numerous predictions of disaster and defeat in Iraq represent the rationalization of a wish. Their desire to see America lose is rooted in a hatred of George W. Bush pathological in its intensity and comical in many of its effects.

For "progressive" baby boomers (the quotation marks seem mandatory when using the word to define so reactionary a political movement), the Iraq War is indeed another Vietnam: the Vietnam of their fantasies, when they spoke what they claimed was truth to power. Of course, when the negative incentive of the draft was removed, these "progressives" abandoned their principles with remarkable speed. But perhaps, by assuring the defeat of America in "Bush's Vietnam" thay can belatedly save their gnarled little souls.

As for the polls, one wonders how much faith can be placed in them. Democrats certaily don't seem to trust them. For if it's true, as the above-cited polls claim, that a large majority of Americans favor surrender to the enemy in Iraq, then why are so many Democrats fleeing from that conclusion, virtually at the speed of light? They had a chance in the House of Representatives to do the supposed will of the American people. Why didn't they? Inquiring minds want to know. . .

Comment Posted By Tom G On 14.12.2005 @ 08:26


Seeing the Forest's post reminds me how grateful we all should be for all those "secular Left" blogs, where they confine themselves to such civilized and progressive activities as calling for the assassination of George W. Bush. Indeed, the world is unworthy of such superhuman compassion.

Comment Posted By Tom G On 13.12.2005 @ 19:25

The world certainly won't miss the odious Mr. Williams, whose professions of redemption had all the authenticity of a Clinton crying jag. Nor do I have anything in principle against capital punishment. Still, I remind myself on days like this that capital punishment is, after all, a government program--you know, like Medicare and the War on Poverty. As a conservative, I raise a skeptical eyebrow when Big Gov proposes to solve this or that social problem. Should I not regard with equal skepticism its ability to fairly and efficiently administer capital punishment?

Comment Posted By Tom G On 13.12.2005 @ 08:23


I see that the Left is still engaging in lame and clueless attempts to pin total responsibility for this catastrophe on the sinister Bush and his nefarious neocon cabal. It's hilarious, really. After five years of screaming that Bush is a fascist, a Nazi, a dictator, progerssives now have their knickers in a twist because Bush DIDN'T act like a dictator.

As far as the response to Katrina is concerned, compared with Louisiana state government and New Orleans city government, the federal response was a model of efficiency. To expect perfection is the demand of a child.

Comment Posted By Tom G On 13.09.2005 @ 07:30

I would hardly call widespread looting and armed gangs in the street "typical." And the responsibility for this situation rested with the city and state governments, NOT with FEMA or any other branch of the federal government. Indeed, the US armed forces are barred by statute from participating in domestic law enforcement. The question that ought to be asked is: Why did the Governor of Louisiana not order the National Guard in sooner? Once the Guard did appear in force, the situation rapidly improved.

The Left suffers, as always, from Selective Memory Syndrome. In this case, the fact that such things as state and local governments exist seems to have slipped their minds.

Comment Posted By Tom G On 6.09.2005 @ 11:56

It's probably also worth mentioning that the claim made above (“According to the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA is in charge of disaster relief, overriding the locals. They failed.”) is a complete lie. FEMA has zero authority to override local authorities.

Comment Posted By Tom G On 6.09.2005 @ 07:31

It's interesting to note how logic-proof the Bush bashers are. In the face of plain evidence that the primary responsibility for what happened in New Orleans falls on the shoulders of the local and state governments, they go right on peddling their outrageous lies.

For example, it is pointed out that Krugman was plain wrong in his claim that the federal government did not mobilize resources in advance. The response from the hate-Bush goofballs? It's along the lines of this gem:

"The ship was in the area, it was not mobilized in any meaningful sense."

As a matter of fact, the Bataan's helicopters--the most valuable asset it possessed--were heavily utilized.

As far as FEMA's "poor leadership" is concerned, it may be true that it dod a poor job but the jurt is still out. Given the fact that law and order had completely broken down in New Orleans, it's ridiculous to blame FEMA for not getting help to the city sooner. Just how was FEMA supposed to do that? It was (and is) the responsibility of state and local government to maintain law and order. They failed to do so, a failure that hugely complicated all other relief efforts. But of course, the Governeor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans are Democrats, so the hate-Bush mob is more than willing to let them off the hook.

Comment Posted By Tom G On 6.09.2005 @ 07:27

The fate of New Orleans was sealed by the incompetence of state and local government. Though the federal response was not perfect, it was swift and, compared with that of the state and local idiots, a model of efficiency.

A cursory glance at the timeline shows how childish it is to argue that the Bush Administration did not act fast enough. Given the immense complexities involved in deploying, say, an Army aviation battalion into an area ravaged by a category 4 hurricane, we should be applauding the response. It's perfectly stupid to argue that such assets ought to have been prepositioned in the disaster area. Katrina would have blown them away. Far more sensible to wait for the storm to pass before deploying them. I marvel that the critics have overlooked so elementary a precaution. We can thank our lucky stars that they weren't running the show.

Uninformed cretins whose main purpose for living is to bash Bush may rave and rant about the 82nd Airborne & etc., but grownups know the score. May I suggest that the thumb-suckers of the Left retreat to the nursery and let the adults clean up this mess?

Comment Posted By Tom G On 5.09.2005 @ 23:19

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