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ed said "...nor did they point out the threat of Axis powers and then attack Finland."

Well, ed, Japan attacked us at Pearl Harbor. You might want to look up what our first action was. Hint, it was not against the Japanese.

In any event, our first response occured in Afghanistan.

Comment Posted By The Real Barry On 1.05.2007 @ 20:51

I believe the will to win is overlooked. Where would we be in Iraq if those who voted on the authorization to use force in Iraq and those who supported it maintained their support for the Iraqi people and victory over the terrorists? Mistakes are many, as in all wars. And I believe we have made many. Those that have called for cut and run, after voting for or supporting the war have given hope to the terrorists. That is the problem with your stance. It appears as though a finger in the breeze. It's unpopular now, so join the majority. What happens when we pull out? What effect does it have in Afghanistan? Do you believe the terrorists will stop with victory in Iraq?

Comment Posted By The Real Barry On 30.04.2007 @ 23:32

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