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Yes, Rick, we are all awaiting the day, with bated breath, for you to grow up. And if you turn out like Mary, well then, a lot will be forgiven.

Heroine? Yes, I think so. Does she have the right to call the administration on illegality? Absolutely. I know you fantasize about a world in which everyone just lays down and allows the govmint to do what they want, irrespective of the laws - a sentiment arising out of your deep existential fear. But don't worry lil Ricky, the grownups are on their way back. You will have your security, and your rights as well. Just be patient, and hope for the best come November, and Novembers to come.

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Comment Posted By Tano On 12.05.2006 @ 14:33


Apoplectic? No.
Just rolling the eyes, and slowly shaking the head.

Your obsession with abandoning sense, common or special, in order to frame everything that happens in the world in a comic book variety left-right dichotomy, of the type that the bombastic entertainers like Limbaugh have perfected, is bizarre and tragic. What a waste of neural energy and bandwith.

Comment Posted By Tano On 10.05.2006 @ 12:04


I agree with a fair amount of this Rick. Nationalizing the election would be the worst possible strategy for the Republicans because the field is dramatically tilted against them on the national level. Their only hope for minimizing damage comes from exploiting the strange phenomenon of voters having strongly negative feelings about Congress, yet pretty strongly positive feelings about their own representative. In other words, keep it local, stupid.

One of the real problems for the GOP comes from the fact that the traditional manner in which individual representatives keep their campaigns localized, and distance themselves from the national scene, is to sell themselves as adept at bringing home the bacon. Yet spending, especially earmarking, is a rhetorical target for a significant part of the base. Look for some very real tensions within the GOP caucus over spending issues, breaking down along a line demarcating those with safe seats and those who are in a fight.

Comment Posted By Tano On 7.05.2006 @ 11:03



If you hold true to principle, you will eventually find yourself at odds with all political operators.

And then you take a stand - be it with moral principle, or with your party. Amnesty and ACLU are principle-based (of course they are human beings prone to error, so I am not granting any blanket exculpation). They will eventually piss off any group in power.

I find it exceedingly odd that you seem to mark your disaffection with the ACLU to the contra escapade. How on earth can you defend the notion that it is wrong for a group dedicated to civil rights to speak out against such a blatant and illegal situation? That it was a "scrape" between the Congress and the Executive is irrelevant. One side was clearly in the wrong, and the fact that the dispute occured within the context of a power struggle between government branches doesnt mean that it had no implications for issues regarding the rule of law.

Amnesty International is an absolutely vital resource for people around the world being oppressed by tyrannical governments. If you were to immerse yourself in their issues, I bet you would be an enthusiastic supporter of the overwhelming majority of their work.

If they managed to never offend your political sensitivies then there would probably be something very wrong with them, for you have clearly aligned yourself with an ideological framework that often is blind to its real world consequences, and is carried out by human beings who are also prone to error. AI is on the side of the angels far more often, and on far more important issues than any group that I can sense in your orbit.

Comment Posted By Tano On 4.05.2006 @ 14:15

Credit where it is due. Very well said, Rick, and very well thought out.

You are not alone in your thoughts. Why on earth do you look to the nut jobs for validation? And why do you continue to refer to "wacko" groups, when they are in fact the groups that fight for the principles that you clearly hold dearly yourself.

I get the impression of a good and intellegent man who has somehow managed to manuever himself into a bizarre position - as a member (even a minor leader) of a team of real nutjobs. Its almost a tribal identification - you build a nut house for them - with a group of people who you really are so much better than. You spend your days spouting their lunatic propaganda, even making great efforts to work it into otherwise thoughtful pieces. When are you going to wake up to, and nurture the better angels of your soul? Leave the nuts behind!

Comment Posted By Tano On 4.05.2006 @ 10:14


Good for you Rick. You do realize, doncha, what a much more valuable contribution you could make to the general discourse if grew out of that altogether?

Comment Posted By Tano On 1.05.2006 @ 16:42

"The Blowhard blogger is identifiable usually after reading the first two or three sentences of any post. [...] The writer is one of those [...] who finds it amusing to exaggerate the beliefs of his political opponents to the point that his rants move beyond the broadly satirical and come to rest in the realm of outright lying. Being a Blowhard, he realizes perfectly well that his lies anger his opponents... "

Thanks Rick. Now I know precisely why you are not a blowhard yourself. I've noticed, your first two or three sentences are usually quite reasonable.

Comment Posted By Tano On 1.05.2006 @ 16:22


"Does anyone seriously believe that the “power” to shape debate, set the national agenda, color the personalities, and make or break the politicians resides with conservatives? Who are they trying to kid?"

Gee, lets see Rick. What is, or has been on the national agenda in these days? War in Iraq? Immigration? Social Security "reform"? Tax cuts for the wealthy? More tax cuts at times of large deficits? Putting conservatives on the Supreme Court?

Pray tell, which part of the political spectrum is responsible for advancing these issues? Hmmm...the power to shape debate lies with those that are out of power. This is one of your great genius moments Rick.

As for Colbert - I think the reaction of the right is symptomatic of a movement in deep crisis. Having the ability to laugh at oneself, to see your little bubbles burst by a court jester, is a sign of strength. All I see on the right is pettiness, from a defensive crouch. We got 2 years and 9 more months of you clowns, and it sure looks like y'all are not going to leave the stage with any dignity intact.

Comment Posted By Tano On 1.05.2006 @ 12:18


Tony writes,

"Those wolves in sheep’s clothing that make a pretense of guarding the nation are themselves the ones we should be watching. If you see a right or left issue in this argument, you’re shortsighted and not a little bit sophomoric.

...Our members of Congress have a sacred duty to do what’s right by the populace and not to side with the lobbies lining their pockets so that they remain in power."

Well, at the risk of alienating an ally (on this issue) let me just point out that the problem here is that you are probably a far more decent and rational human being than you realize. For some (very strange) reason, you seem to have glommed onto conservative ideology, and now you see what it leads to. I commend you for the courage to recognize this sleaziness, and the underlying force that drives it (the relentless greed of the already-wealthy and powerful). Heres wishing that this experience will open your eyes to the countless other manifestations of this attitude on issues that may not so immediatly affect you personally.

Comment Posted By Tano On 27.04.2006 @ 11:38

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