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I'm thinking a cross-over hit between 24 and X-Files, where Jack has 24 hours to save the earth from an alien invasion.

Better yet, alien terrorists!

Not to be confused with ILLEGAL alien terrorists, because, well, that would be hitting just a little too close to home.

Comment Posted By Steve B On 22.05.2007 @ 00:24


Tano - you disprove your own point. The government isn't there to solve our problems for us, it is there at best to enable and equip US to solve OUR OWN problems. The liberal mindset is just as you've stated: that the government is somehow responsible or better equipped to solve our problems than we are.

The founding fathers, contrary to what you postulate, very well understood the dangers of an overly intrusive government, and took steps like the separation of powers, voter referendums, the ability to impeach, and others to ensure that the government remained accountable to the people...not the other way around (like the IRS!).

"Democracy will only succeed until the population realizes it can vote itself largess from the treasury" and other such quotes reflect this attitude.

Conservatives don't "hate democracy." How many of those nasty buggers serve in the military to defend the very concept to the death?

A "conservative" view is that taxation should be FAIR, and only that which serves to enhance the welfare of the general public. Soaking billions out of the working man to fund socialist programs, the United Nations and 501c3 exemptions for Code Pink aren't it.

Comment Posted By Steve B On 17.04.2007 @ 04:36

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