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I'm a social conservative. I did like what Rudy had to say regarding judicial appointments the other night on Hannity & Colmes. And the judiciary is ultimately where the abortion battle is fought. I do trust him completely to carry on the GWOT. Who better to lead that fight than one who was on the front lines on day one?

Ideally I would love for Newt to run. But I realize the baggage that he would carry into the race.

Perhaps the answer to my being able to fully support a Rudy in '08 ticket would be a Gingrich VP slot? But there is a whole lot of time between now and November 2008.

Comment Posted By Simply Kimberly On 9.02.2007 @ 23:14


It Is All Bush's Fault, Except When Things Go Right
Marvin Moonbat weighs in on how President Bush's policies had nothing to do with the moves toward democracy in the Middle East. It is all merely a coincidence....

Comment Posted By Simply Kimberly On 4.03.2005 @ 13:08


An Attack Submarine?
What The ... ?

Via: Day By Day Cartoon

Comment Posted By Simply Kimberly On 16.02.2005 @ 13:02

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