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Daffydd on seems to be in agreement with you.

I am not so sanguine about casting the situation into the mold of "freedom of speech" versus "responsible adult respect for the religous beliefs of others", if I may characterize it as such, for several reasons.

1. This is a manufactured event. Immans from Denmark with who knows whose help made the pictures available in the middle east, along with more insulting pictures never published in Denmark, along with plenty of Danish flags to burn for photo ops. If it wasn't these cartoons, it would be something else - Britney Spears videos, KFC franchises, Oscar Meyer bacon - they would be rioting in the streets about as an affront to their religion, all as part of the Islamofascist war on civilization. (As has been pointed out elsewhere, to characterize this as a "clash of two civilizations" would require two civilizations.)

2. My very existence is an affront to Islam. According to the Koran, I must convert or die. Since 1979 the Iranian Parliment kicks off their day chanting "Death to America, Death to the Infidels". Respect for differences in religion requires participation on both sides. That hasn't happened for the the last 1400 years, why is it going to happen now?

Comment Posted By Shoerat On 5.02.2006 @ 11:11

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