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Senator Thompson and Conservatives in the "Clutch"

For Republican voters who want a “true” conservative at the top of the Republican presidential ticket, please understand that you now have 24 hours to your party’s and America’s destiny.

Senator Fred Thompson, as you know, is the sole bearer of the conservative mantle; more specifically, he is strong on national security and defense; for smaller government; and low taxes and reduced federal spending. He is 100% pro-life and family; stridently against illegal immigration; and a proponent of national sovereignty.

Now is the time for you to make a difference on the battlefield, namely, South Carolina. Senator Thompson has the campaign momentum, yet the time is short. You must sieze the initiative now and press the attack. How? Visit , become a “Friend of Fred,” and use the free “Phone for Fred” system and phone list, to call Republicans in South Carolina.

The most recent polls indicate that 41% of the South Carolina Republican voters are either undecided or may change their vote. Senator Thompson is in a position to win this race, but the race will likely be decided by a few hundred votes. Your critical phone calls to South Carolina Republicans on Friday January 18th, can make the difference in determining whether the Republican Party, America’s only hope for the preservation of the nation, will have the one candidate who can unite the party’s three voting pillars, that is, the Reagan Coalition, of fiscal conservatives; national security conservatives; and religious/social conservatives.

Senator Thompson has been campaigning intensely in South Carolina on both the ground, through his 35 city bus tour, holding 5 or more events a day, talking directly to the voters in person, and in local live radio broadcast townhalls; and across the air waves with excellent media advertising, financed by hundreds of small donors.

Now, the Senator needs your timely and vital support. This is the proverbial “crunch time” or “clutch!” Will you, as a committed conservative, “step up” in the “clutch,” to save your country? The future of the Republican Party, and most importantly, America lies in your hands.

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It is absolutely amazing that it is almost a year away from a presidential election, and for some reason so many supposedly conservative voters, people who purportedly think critically, have seemingly because of political pundits and news commentators decided first that Senator Thompson was lazy, and upon this erroneous characterization being vitiated by his 50 city bus tour, and better than predicted performance in Iowa, beating Senator McCain, not to mention his successful legal, polictical, and acting careers, that now, after his obviously winning debate performance in South Carolina, it is too late. This is remarkable reasoning. Why is it too late? Who says so? How many Americans have voted yet?

There have been 3 primaries to date: Iowa; New Hampshire; and Wyoming. Senator Thompson finished 3rd in one, second in one, and made a strategic decision not to compete in the other, that is, New Hampshire. Strategic decisions not to compete in certain states during primaries is most reasonable.

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