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Section 3 paragraph g.

the parties recognize that the settlement payment set forth in this paragraph are in settlement of claims by June, Evan and Jordan Chandler for alleged compensatory damages for alleged personal injuries arising out of claims of negligence and not for claims of intentional or wrongful acts of sexual molestation.

Settlement Agreement: January 20-25 1994

Comment Posted By Seth Strickland On 4.07.2009 @ 00:45

We as humans don't care to know about people who we don't like, So if someone believes Michael is a child molestor that will possibly be their opinion till the end. I don't think it is easyily in point two years ago, ( a year after my appearence on American Idol) someone sent a message to me on youtube telling me Michael's '93 accuser had admitted while he was in school that he lied and that Michael didn't molest him...2 years later, Michael dies blogs start ringing in echoing the same claim...while other bloggers go into a state of denial...I believe it got leaked out by a friend, but MJ's dignity will always be shattered by hatred, and not by fact. People don't like to believe what they don't want...that goes for MJ fans too.

Comment Posted By Seth Strickland On 1.07.2009 @ 23:17

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