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It’s interesting to me how the leftwing Michael Moorons are always so quick to immediately jump to name-calling of this president, no matter how outrageous the latest liberal media lie is. The info given the president pre-Katrina was that the levees might be overtopped, NOT breached, but the MSM didn't find that enough of a "gotcha" so that lies about predicted levee breaches began in full. Let me also point out that these same brain-dead liberals and the useful idiots of the left in the media also seem to think that the rules don't change when the nation is at war - had they bothered to read a history book about the internment of Japanese and German citizens during World War II, upheld by SCOTUS, they'd be more informed. Also interesting is how the same liberals who want to castigate the president relentessly about WMD conveniently forgot that the DNC leadership, including former president Clinton, all agree with Bush that Saddam had them and needed to be taken out. Funnier still is how the left conveniently forgets the scenes of the initial liberation of Iraq, where Iraqis greeted the coalition troops warmly, thanking them for liberating their country from Saddam, and at one point, with help from US forces, tore down the statue of Saddam in Firdos Square and dragged it through the city. The leftwingers have a never-ending supply of of complaints about the president, all of which would have required a paranormal ability to predict the future in order to prevent. On and on goes the great leftwing liars, not to be confused with that great liar, Bill Clinton, who lost his law license and was fined $90,000 for perjury and obstruction of justice. The lefty lemmings in the democrat party are in for a very rude awakening this November. The Republicans won't lose any seats, and will likely gain....while coastal democrats will piss and moan and whine about how diebold stole the latest election, Republicans will ensure theor majority remains intact. And what a glorious day that will be.

Comment Posted By Sceptimus Smith On 13.03.2006 @ 22:15

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