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Rick, assuming you were talking to me:

I never said "case closed" or anything near it. That said, I did, however, infer (not even state) that the balance of scientific opinion weighs against you. Fact, not fiction.

Regarding the term "believe", where do you find the word in my post, and what is your fascination with quotes? Regarding the relationship between "belief" and religeon, you are totally off base: belief is simply defined as (1) trust or confidence; (2) a conviction or opinion (thanks American Heritage!). For example, It is my "belief" that the sun will rise in the east. Thus I "believe" many scientific concepts (albeit with various degrees of certainty).

The point of my snark (and believe me you didn't inspire it; i was born this way for better or worse) was that the attendence at the various venues has nothing to do with the rightness or wrongness of the concept. My snark was directed at your snark which attempts to debunk the concept of global warming based on whether it is more or less popular than NASCAR, Tiger Woods, or the cult of Princess Diana.

Nice try. I will now go back to the kids table, and you can go back to your navel gazing.

Comment Posted By Saltmeat On 9.07.2007 @ 11:55

Oh Rick. You and your infinite douchebaggery ...

You got those tree-huggers this time. Their big concert failed (maybe according to selected accounts), and you know what that means ... global warming is a farce. See it can't be true if people didn't show up, no matter what those pesky scientists say.

Now I get how scientific concensus it reached:

If 100,000 or so mouth-breathers want to sit and watch fast cars go vroom-vroom in a circle, global warming doesn't exist.

If 30,000 or so effette NoVa yuppies want to watch Tiger swing a stick at a ball, global warming doesn't exist.

Thanks for the commentary. Things are so much clearer now.

Comment Posted By Saltmeat On 9.07.2007 @ 11:14

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