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Mr. Tucson,

While I do believe that shall I say, less intelligent (?)...members of our group are the ones that tend to be chosen, I hardly want to make out like it is some kind of conspiracy. I would argue that the kinds of folks that like to plaster their faces all over the television are usually not the sharpest knives in the drawer. But remember also that in a large group like this, even if only 10% is intellectually limited, you are still going to find plenty of dunces. There are plenty of persons who understand the stakes, understand what is involved and would be able to communicate those ideas quite clearly. After all, they probably sound better than the majority of people I have heard at "anti-war" rallies, where you can't get much more than the same tired, old slogans and talking points like "No Blood for Oil" and so on.

Comment Posted By SSG Christopher Whitaker On 13.09.2009 @ 10:30


You are correct that a message has been sent, but the real question is whether the Administration will hear or even pay attention to it. This Administration has shown that not only is it beholden to its ideology, regardless of facts and contradictions, but that it has no interest in anything that proves it wrong or mistaken.

Despite many reports of 1 million plus attendees, it would not surprise me if the Administration and its MSM sycophants suppress (to the extent it can) or misrepresent the numbers, just as was done with so many of the anti-war protests and the "Million-Man March."

Comment Posted By SSG Christopher Whitaker On 13.09.2009 @ 08:03

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