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Twok: "Men are more likely to date interracially than women are."

Exactly who are these men dating?

What a dork!

Comment Posted By SOTS On 4.08.2008 @ 22:41

Twok: "Clearly, the GOP has the better race record."

Twok again: "The Democrats are clearly the more racist party."

And yet the GOP is unable to get a significant percentage of blacks to vote for their candidates . . . I wonder why that is?

I would say that it is because they are the best judges of what party is more likely to be concerned about the issues of importance to them.

Your argument seems to be that blacks aren't smart enough to figure out that their best interests lie in supporting Republicans.

Comment Posted By SOTS On 4.08.2008 @ 17:01

Luke: "I often wounder how the dems found success in labeling Republicans racist. Especially when you honestly look at the history of the GOP."

How about Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms, for starters?

If Abraham Lincoln was running for office today, he would be excoriated on blogs such as this.

Comment Posted By SOTS On 4.08.2008 @ 15:14

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