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OK, you want a discussion. How about a civil one? I'm all for it. I'm glad we can find common ground on that!

I am sorry that I brought Abortion into the debate. My intent was NOT to upset you, honestly. To my way of thinking, it is a good example of a slippery slope. However, instead of making the assumption that I was purposely trying to upset you, maybe you could have answered this way:

SJ, please don't use abortion in this debate. It is an extremely emotional subject that made me mad, and I'm sure others like me. Could you please use another example of the slippery slope so I can understand where you are coming from?

That would start a dialog between us, rather than throwing grenades, don't you think? I'm not trying to get into a touchy-feely kind of situation here, but it seems right now that if the goal is Bi-Partisanship, maybe the side with power would be wise to ask what issues they could agree with the other side of the aisle.

From your answer in #14 about bridges, schools, and the police, it sounds to me that you think all slippery slope arguments are invalid. That means you have a problem with the original article, in which the writer describes good slippery slope arguments and bad ones. Would that be fair to say?

In fairness to you, my comments about not reading the bill are directed at the Congress and White House, who didn't read the Stimulus Bill or the Cap and Trade Legislation before passing it. It appears to me that they wanted to do the same with this bill and rush it through without giving anyone a chance to really know what's in it. Can you understand where I get that idea? I think much of the frustration being directed at the Health Care bill is the snowball effect of those actions.

Maybe that's a slippery slope?? I just thought of that. A = they didn't read the stimulus bill before passing it + B they didn't read the Cap & Trade before pushing it through the House, = They'll do the same with this Health Care Bill. I haven't thought it through, so I hope it doesn't sound too bad. (Please go easy on me if it does!)

Your thoughts??

Comment Posted By SJ in WV On 14.08.2009 @ 19:36

Re: SJ (#11) & Busboy (#14)


Your question "What on earth does late-term abortion have to do with insuring the uninsured?" missed the point I was trying to make. I guess my "grenade" blinded you to the fact that the article was about the "slippery slope," rather than the actual arguments about health care.

I guess I made the same mistake the author speaks about - I went from A to Z without explaining the logical steps in between. I was trying to compare how abortion was sold to mainstream America: as a way to prevent thousands of women from dying from back alley abortions, that only first trimester fetuses would be aborted, and that abortion would be mainly for rape and incest victims. Had someone stood up and said, “One day we’ll legally pull a baby out of the womb, leaving it’s head in the birth canal, stick scissors in it’s brain and suck out the contents and call it abortion,” that person would be labeled a fearmonger and out of touch with reality, much like people are labeled today. They would have been told to shut up, sit down, and that Americans would never let that happen. And yet, we have slid down that slippery slope.

You make my point about the accusations, sir. You said, "In my experience, people only resort to emotion in a debate when they have nothing substantial to argue." Again sir, this article was about the SLIPPERY SLOPE, not the arguments themselves.

So, what emotion are you bringing to the argument? Sounded like anger to me. Seems you're throwing your own grenades. Maybe I've watched a program from that far-right outfit National Geographic called "In the Womb" and learned that life may really begin before birth. What's with the Jesus remark? I may be Jewish or Muslim, you don't know.

But it's OK. Mock us and dismiss us. Push the bills through that no one will read, no one can figure out, and put lots of pork in there for your Liberal special interest groups. You know what's best for the mob of stupid Jesus lovers. We'll sit down and shut up. You may not hear from us again until November of 2010 or 2012. I guess we'll see.

Comment Posted By SJ in WV On 13.08.2009 @ 11:03

I enjoyed the article, but I believe the slippery slope is valid. If 40 years ago, an abortion protestor had said, "One day we'll legally pull a baby out of the womb, leaving it's head in the birth canal, stick scissors in it's brain and suck out the contents and call it abortion," that person would be labeled a fearmonger and out of touch with reality. Look how far our society has coarsened in 30 or 40 years. And yet, you think it couldn't happen it 30 or 40 more? Sorry, I'm not buying it. We've lost many of our moral underpinnings in a very short period of time. I see no reason to believe we'll not continue on this course.

Comment Posted By SJ in WV On 11.08.2009 @ 14:12

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