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B.Paster: The marketplace has *already* eliminated those ideas, and the debate has already happened. The creationists *lost*. Manufacturing another debate where there isn't one through force of law is dishonest. The only debate (regarding ID) is from those who are ignorant about science, and who have an ideological axe to grind. The evolutionists may or may not be wrong, but the IDers aren't even wrong - there's no way to prove they are or aren't one way or another. It simply *is not science*.

I think global warming is a little hazier. Are humans the cause? Dunno. Are humans *a* cause? Almost certainly. It seems to me that complaining about global warming harming our economy or national security is a little shortsighted - if it plays out like some are thinging, there won't be an economy to destroy or a nation to secure. Have the debate, sure, but I think the odds are pretty hgih that at the very least we have a responsibility to stop polluting and stuff, even if it's not causing things to warm up. It's just good for all of our health. And that's beyond debate.

Comment Posted By Russell Miller On 28.12.2008 @ 21:42

Michael Schmidtman:

Your sixth grader is brainwashed. Shame on you.

Comment Posted By Russell Miller On 27.12.2008 @ 21:55

I utterly abhor most republicans' attitudes towards science and ID. Thank you for coming out so strongly as a person of reason. That is why I read this blog, even though I don't agree with you much of the time.

Comment Posted By Russell Miller On 27.12.2008 @ 20:10


This is why I am glad I live in the LA area, and I encourage anyone who can afford it to take a sabbatical to the southwest in the dead of winter. I promise it'll rejuvenate your spirits. :-)

Tomorrow's high is around 65 with rain likely.

Comment Posted By Russell Miller On 22.12.2008 @ 02:33


This is one of the few conservative sites I'll visit. Most of them just completely disgust me. I don't agree with many of the things said here (I'm not a liberal, but I do lean a little left), but at least you try to be civil about it, and put a little thought into what you write. Beats Malkin by a long shot.

So good work. You even made it onto my blogroll. ;)

Comment Posted By Russell Miller On 27.11.2008 @ 13:15


"Declaring an image to be beyond the bounds of good taste, or banning it altogether, is dangerous, and the first step towards its falling down the memory hole."

Have to disagree with you there, Clint. The banning part, sure... but to just declare an image beyond the bounds of good taste... well, that's everyone's right.

I could declare a picture of you to be beyond the bounds of good taste if I wanted. :-) That'd just be my opinion, but there's no slippery slope unless I actually manage to get it pulled off of a forum.

The right to free speech doesn't encompass a right to not be criticised.

Comment Posted By Russell Miller On 26.04.2007 @ 17:56

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