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"Recently we found out that the guy that shot up a separate church did it because of Bernard Goldberg’s book."

No, he did it because he was a mentally unbalanced idiot.

Comment Posted By Russell Miller On 1.06.2009 @ 09:57


I watched this movie this morning. It was very, very good, and you will find that it certainly does *not* play up the "utopia" aspect. In fact, there is even a scene where a young Kirk gets stopped by a 22nd century policeman who calls him "citizen" (hope that's not too much of a spoiler).

They rebooted the franchise with this movie, and it is much more gritty than any previous movie, but while still keeping the character of the franchise. Please, watch it and then post back.

I really hope you're right and they have created a much more realistic Federation society than the ones portrayed in previous series and movies.

Of course, I was writing about what had been portrayed previously.


Comment Posted By Russell Miller On 8.05.2009 @ 18:48


To the extent that the conservatives targeted have never spoken out against homosexuals, I quite agree with you.

To the extent that they have, I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. When someone in public service is building a career out of bashing a certain group of people, all the while secretly being a part of that certain group of people, I see nothing wrong with exposing that hypocrisy.

For example, let's say there were a black politician who painted himself white, never let himself be seen with his true skin color, and went on TV bashing black people for all of the troubles in the world. Would it be out of line to point out that, yes, indeed, this person is black?

If you believe that homosexuality is not a choice, as I do, that analogy is pretty spot-on.

Comment Posted By Russell Miller On 24.04.2009 @ 13:24



Civil rights. 1960s. Enough said.

Comment Posted By Russell Miller On 19.04.2009 @ 19:00

I did not mischaracterize your words. There's really no other way to take "tiny cadres of black-robed “master minds”".

However, I'm not going to argue further. You just started with the ad hominems, and I'm not going there.

Comment Posted By Russell Miller On 19.04.2009 @ 16:47

Don C: Why do you have such disrespect for the judicial system? Because they are obligated to follow the constitution rather than the will of the people?

Sorry, this is exactly what the founding fathers had in mind for the judiciary.

And Barney Frank does not determine what I think. I do.

Comment Posted By Russell Miller On 19.04.2009 @ 12:14

cdor: It doesn't shock me, for sure. It just strikes me as spectacularly closed-minded.

Comment Posted By Russell Miller On 19.04.2009 @ 10:12

Don C:

I am perfectly fine with the courts deciding this, because once it gets to that point it means the legislators have abrogated their responsibility to follow the constitution.

It should have never gotten to the point where the courts had to decide in the first place.

Comment Posted By Russell Miller On 18.04.2009 @ 22:03

That should read "I'm not going to pretend at all that they are all liberal". Oops.

Comment Posted By Russell Miller On 18.04.2009 @ 12:00

Don C:

It is a myth that California is "liberal". Yes, the metropolitan areas do indeed skew liberal, but the rural areas (yes, California does have rural areas) are quite conservative. It is the same for Oregon. The Willamette Valley is liberal, but you cross the cascades and it's as conservative as you get.

I think it bosters Rick's theory that given these facts, it still managed to skew as far left as it did. If this is put on the ballot in four or eight years in California, likely gay marriage would be legalized. It's only a matter of time.

Don't forget that the really hard core older conservatives are dying off, and the young kids are coming of voting age. And while I'm not going to pretend at all that they are all conservative, I think it's pretty obvious that most don't give a whit about gay marriage, and once enough of there are enough of them - it's going to change.

The era of the social conservative is ending. Hopefully to be replaced with an era that leans more libertarian.

Comment Posted By Russell Miller On 18.04.2009 @ 11:26

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