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That's baloney. There isn't a man, woman, or child in America (save some real die hard Bush lovers) who don't blame the President for the current state of affairs in Iraq nor who won't blame him when something less than a desirable outcome almost certainly ensues.

It's a huge strawman you've set up to explain away the moral cowardice of the Democrats.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 15.02.2007 @ 09:43

I have been writing on this site for two years about the political solutions to this war being underplayed by the Administration because of their refusal not to place pressure on the Iraqi government to bring the Sunnis into the political life of the country.

Post after post after post. I don't need you lecturing me or telling me that I'm fantasizing.

My point is simple. The Democrats want to end the war and bring the troops home. Fine. Do it. Anything short of that is immoral. This is not a WWII analogy or a Viet Nam analogy. It is the plain and simple truth. They have called our efforts a failure and they lack the moral courage to take a political stand to put their political capital where their mouths are.

And as far as your last graph talking about advancing "us" toward a political solution - that's stupid. Only the Iraqis can come to such an agreement. All we can do is use whatever influence we have to get Maliki off the mark. Any accomodations that are necessary - oil revenue sharing, amnesty, federalism - must come from the Iraqis themselves.

The moral ambiguity in your answer is almost as disturbing as the Democrat's shameless cowardice. I suggest you drop the pretense to superiority. And read just about any other post I've written about Iraq.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 14.02.2007 @ 17:35



I really must apologize for leaving out a Chloeism this week. By the time my electricity came back on in mid-afternoon on Tuesday, I was so pressed for time that I couldn't take a look at the tape in order to pick one out.

Maybe I'll have two next week...

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 15.02.2007 @ 09:17


Yes indeed... the Deranged Bush Haters Syndrome...a symptom of those with two or more digit IQs. This horrible disease that now possesses literally two thirds of this country that do not approve of Bush's handling of his job.

The Deranged Bush Haters Syndrome, a disease that affects those who refuse to close their eyes to the madness and hypocrisy of wingnuts everywhere. The Deranged Bush Haters Syndrome that often affects Americans who actually have read the Constitution and refuse to enjoy seeing more poor people, more hatred and more war.

You bet.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 13.02.2007 @ 00:52


"I suppose I should make it known for the umpteenth time that I am an atheist and am only concerned about the impact of these words on others."

I could care less about the Bible. And I wrote a post defending Jesse Taylor's right to swear.

It's not about obscenities - except the obscenity of thought that reeks from Marcotte's posts. It is about hate speech.

Keep defending it.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 12.02.2007 @ 19:00



1. Screw you.
2. There may have been about 2 conservative bloggers who supported Domenech after the plagiarism charges were shown to be true.

Can't say the same about the lefties who are cheering on the hatefilled bigots who are blogging for Edwards now, can you?

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 9.02.2007 @ 15:50


You are right, of course. Please note I didn't list the texts that I read. Plato's Dialogues (Jowett translation)are a pretty faithful representation of Socrates thinking and method.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 8.02.2007 @ 18:46


I can understand why someone with such - shall we say - limited gifts might be intimidated. That's alright. Some people like oysters, and some...

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 8.02.2007 @ 18:17

Your comment ended up in my spam trap and was gone before I could catch it. I caught it today.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 8.02.2007 @ 17:11

And I fully expected some nitwit lefty to make a stupid statement like that.

Where do you see the word "niceness" in my post? And to make a small bon mot regarding the attitude of ones political opponents is perfectly acceptable under any and all circumstances on a blog - especially when I have no expectation of being hired by a Presidential candidate (nor would I accept such a position).

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 8.02.2007 @ 16:21

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