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Go away...again. It gets to be a chore reading your drivel.

And for the record, that "same cause I support" is common decency. It doesn't surprise me that you have not one word - one, stinking word - for the blogger who calls it a "moral dilemma" to decide whether or not to kill the VP of the US like the worst of the worst Nazi was assassinated.


I don't have time to do the research, but when Olberman was threatened with the fake anthrax by the Freeper idiot and that horrible article appeared in the NY Post mocking him, the right came down on both the Freeper and the Post like a ton of brick. When Coulter spouts off about killing Clinton or SCOTUS judges, dozens and dozens of righty blogs hit her very hard over it.

Any similar activity from the left over this or other hateful posts about assassinating Bush or Cheney?

Crickets chirping . . .

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 28.02.2007 @ 05:22



Thanks as usual for your excellent analysis - including your correction of my ignorance in physics regarding uranium enrichment cycle.

Your comment about other Sunni states not endorsing an attack on Iran may be technically correct but is belied by the very real probability that the Saudis will allow Israeli planes overflight rights in case they attack. That smacks of some kind of support even if it would be deniable publicly.

Also, as often as you point out the limitations of power in the office of President in Iran, I will point out that Ahmadinejad (like Rafsanjani before him) has an independent power base that perhaps gives him more influence on government actions than is spelled out in the Iranian constitution. One of the least commented on aspects of Ahmadinejad is that he is the first President to have strong ties to the IRGC. Indeed, he was a high ranking officer in the Qods force and, according to Interpol and other European intel services, participated in the assassination of an Iranian dissident in Austria.

This makes the idea of probable participation of the Qods force in Iraq take on a whole new aspect and raises some interesting questions on Iranian involvement in Iraq; does Khamenei know what his President is doing? Can it both be true that Iran is not officially helping the militias and insurgents kill Americans but that an off the books operation countenanced by Ahmadinejad is being run via the Qods force?

Doubtful we'll be able to sort it out but it should give pause to both pro and anti military strike proponents.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 27.02.2007 @ 06:23


Thank you for giving us the Juan Cole propaganda version of what Ahmadinejad said.

Other, more erudite scholars, have so thoroughly debunked Dr. Cole's "translation" that for you to keep harping on it only shows a towering ignorance of the facts.

In fact, the Iranian President said that Iran would wipe Israel off the map not once, but twice. He repeated it when questioned by western reporters on it.

Next time you call me a liar on this site, you're banned.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 25.02.2007 @ 21:41



That may be true. But I wonder if it is, why haven't the Republicans lurched more to the left? Especially on social issues.

Perhaps like me, these former Dems (I consider myself one actually) don't give a fig about abortion, school prayer, or gay marraige and therefore don't engage on the issue like the religious right.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 23.02.2007 @ 09:31



One of the more intelligent comments you've left here.

I agree almost 100%. I think Bush's approval is also tied up in the general perception of incompetence (somewhat unfair given the state of the economy and a few other indicators) but also the belief that he has failed to lead on a number of issues important to them like health care.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 21.02.2007 @ 08:01



Your comment was deleted for being off topic. When I write about the conditions at Walter Reed, you are more than welcome to leave your comment then.

Until that time, please stick to leaving comments germane to the post.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 20.02.2007 @ 18:44


What in God's name are you talking about? Are you simply hyper ignorant or hyper sensitive to boot?

I don't "blame" liberals or Democrats or anybody else for Spears. for celebrity or anything else. I point out two historical facts; 1) Kennedy was the first politician to graft celebrity onto his career. This isn't opinion. His own brother Bobby wrote that he studied what made Hollywood stars different. He wanted to capture whatever they had and use it.

The second fact I submitted was that celebrities are much more apt to be Democrats and liberals than Republicans. If you want to argue the opposite, you are a moron.

Get a life kid.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 19.02.2007 @ 07:56


Too bad I'm an atheist. Otherwise, you may have had a point. Instead, you look like a fool...again.

Don't you get tired of being an idiot? You have yet to leave an intelligent comment here.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 19.02.2007 @ 07:59

No. But even conservative christians aren't this loony.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 16.02.2007 @ 10:21



The problem with being an idiot is that it is so easy to make you look stupid:

Next time, before making a fool of yourself, I suggest you use Google. That way, you'll be able to mask your towering ignorance.

Ideologues may make for "sloppy, uninformed debaters" - and you should know. You proved your own point in spades.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 16.02.2007 @ 14:35

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