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I associate myself with the remarks by J-Pod and Tom Lifson.

They said it better than I could anyway.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 14.04.2007 @ 11:58


1. My brother can take care of himself.

2. I do know everything. And yes, you should feel lucky to be the beneficiary of my wit and wisdom.

3. The reason people care about this case has nothing whatsoever to do with its overall importance as a news story - which, of course, was the point of my entire piece.

Next it and learn.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 13.04.2007 @ 21:36


One survived - distinctly heard Doyle say "They're both dead" while Jack said "this one's alive."

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 10.04.2007 @ 14:26


Everybody's a comedian today...

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 10.04.2007 @ 12:41


I could find nothing in the Trib that "shot down" any criticisms levelled at Pelosi, including her apparent gaffe in relaying an inaccurate message from Olmert to Assad.

There will be no retractions for criticizing the ranking Democrat in the country from giving any kind of legitimacy to this thug who, in a couple of months time when the evidence starts pouring into the open from the International Tribunal on Hariri's death that shows this man personally ordered the killings of Lebanese citizens, the world will howl in disgust and Pelosi's trip will be seen for the rank opportunism it was.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 6.04.2007 @ 16:35


I was waiting for the first lefty to make an idiot of themselves by proving they never read what I wrote.

Do I criticize Pelosi for wearing a scarf? Not even implicitly. As I make absolutely crystal clear, it is the fanatics who should be criticized for insisting she wear one.

Oh - and just for the record.

I doubt whether anyone at the Vatican would have whipped the first lady for not wearing a veil as they do in Tehran.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 4.04.2007 @ 11:52

Actually the White House did crictize them - albeit by saying that anyone who goes over there isn't being helpful.

But then again - those Republicans were not the titular head of the Democratic party nor the highest ranking Democrat in government.

At least that's the way the Syrians are spinning the visit. They've ignored the Republicans and concentrated exclusively on Pelosi's "breakthrough" visit which, of course, gives a legitimacy to the thugs in Damascus they sorely need.

I am all for talking to Syria in a regional or international forum. But bi-lateral talks with a nation in the process of gobbling up its tiny neighbor, killing and murdering people who disagree with it in that country while trying to foment a civil war should be off the table.

Once the Hariri Tribunal gets going and the extent of Syrian involvement in the dozens of murders in Lebanon over the last two years becomes clear, Syria will be a pariah state anyway and Pelosi's visit will be seen in retrospect as stupid and counterproductive.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 4.04.2007 @ 08:39



Try leaving a comment not personally insulting. It will be posted along with all the other comments above that do not insult me personally.

Grow up.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 3.04.2007 @ 17:03

I find it fascinating that few of you who are commenting bothered to even read the post - or, like typical idiot lefties, read what you want to see and in your eagerness to skewer me, get it wrong.

I said right at the beginning that I doubt that Ware "heckled" the Senators. The tapes prove that. What the tapes don't show and therefore we are not privy to, is whether Ware, as most reporters are apt to do at pressers like this, made sotto voce comments to his collegues trying to get a laugh out of them. This would be in keeping with Ware's world weary, cynical personae - one he cultivates to the nth degree if you bother watching his appearances on CNN.

This post was meant to show that even reporters can suffer from PTSD. By his own admission, he drinks heavily - a sure symptom of the disease. And yes - if you don't believe an excess amount of cynicism is reason enough to bring him home then all it proves is you know nothing about journalism. Automatically dismissing information from certain sources without independently evaluating and confirming it - something he has admitted doing - is outrageous. The fact that most of you - all of you - don't recognize this speaks much more to your ignorance and stupidity than perhaps you would care to reveal.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 3.04.2007 @ 06:59


Sorry Nick.

I can't put your comment on the blog. I consider your wish for the lady beyond the pale.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 2.04.2007 @ 11:32

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