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Wrong, Richard.

They only claimed not to belive in evolution. Your crack about them believing the world is 6,000 years old is a lie.

They can believe in intelligent design and still think the world is 4.7 billion years old.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 7.05.2007 @ 06:30


Cynthia McKinney is a member of COngress. Can't get much more mainstream than that.

Howard Dean also intimated as much - several times.


12% and 18% are about one would expect from the ordinary "idiot factor" in any polling. 36% is a little beyond that.


If you don't keep your comments on point, I will delete them.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 6.05.2007 @ 06:50



Whatever you say.

More reality based commentary from the reality based community.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 5.05.2007 @ 15:56


Um...let's see.

Howard Baker vs. Tommy Thompson? You're kidding, right?

John Connally vs. Tom Tancredo? Right.

Phil Crane vs. Duncan Hunter? Be still my heart!

The point is valid. These are a bunch of nobodies - including McCain, Guiliani, and Romney although each would be an adequate candidate. And I didn't say anything about the Democratic slate so don't say I "compared" these zeroes to anyone.

They are perfectly capable of being average all by themselves.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 4.05.2007 @ 21:40


You also told us that the Battle of Baghdad would be a bloodbath with 10,000 American casulaties.

You also told us that there would be a million Iraqi war refugees. Yes there are refugees, but not as a direct result of the invasion.

You also told us that there would be massive starvation.

You also told us 7 different times that the Iraqi civil war was underway - going as far back as the May of 2003.

You also told us that the Iraqis would never hold successful elections - that turnout would be piss poor and thousands would die.

You also told us that there would be no Iraqi Constitution.

You also told us that al Qaeda was not in Iraq - many times.

I'd go on but I have better things to do than engage in juvenile games of "I toldjya so..." The fact is that for every "We told you's" that came true, I can come up with 2 perhaps 3 that were so off base as to put you on planet mars.

Don't brag about the accuracy of your predictions. You only make a fool of yourself.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 2.05.2007 @ 16:30

Shorter Richard:

Nyeah, nyeah, nyeah nyeah, nyeah...


For God's sake Grow the F**k Up!

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 2.05.2007 @ 16:20


Sounds like the makings of nice little Middle East war. Sauds and maybe the Jordanians fly to the rescue of their Sunni bros with Iran egging on the Shias and then coming to THEIR rescue while Egypt figures what the hell and throws in with the Sunnis. Syria answers the call from Iran and before you know it, everyone is fighting everyone else and the Russians and Chinese clean up supplying weapons to everyone.

Some variation on that isn't a dead certainty if we leave too quickly - but no one is arguing it isn't more likely.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 2.05.2007 @ 11:01


Sorry, no link but Centcom pegs the percentage of casualties caused by AQ at 70-30. That's because AQ's attacks are bigger and bloodier than the death squads and the odd mortar dropping unnannounced into a Sunni neighborhood.

Interesting link, that Iraq Today. I read it often because it gives an idea of where the violence is flaring up. Note that as the Brits stand down, the militias in the South are standing up.

That's the next bit of bad news from Iraq that will only cause more support for the war to dribble away...

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 2.05.2007 @ 09:56


Why do you feel the need to exaggerate? The situation is bad enough without wild charges of "anti-American Islamists" running the Iraqi government. Maliki is no "Islamist" and isn't even a closet "anti-American" - not in the way that al-Sadr or Akim are who are the true anti American Islamists and whose influence on the government has waxed and waned over time (currently waning).

And maybe you missed it but the insurgents (tribal militias) and AQ have been at odds for about a year and rarely coordinate strategy or attacks any more. The Baathists still use AQ infrastructure but keep an arms length arrangement with them (according to the latest intel I've read).

In short - things are bad enough without having to hyperbolize the situation.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 2.05.2007 @ 09:23


The way things work at this site is that you read the post first, then comment.

Come back after you've read what I've written...

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 2.05.2007 @ 09:06

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