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Whoops! Wrong link. That was from my own research.

Now I have to dig into my history to find the right link.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 8.06.2007 @ 07:24



I've read Utley and found him quite reasonable as you say. And as I mention above, Bury my heart...was an indictment. There was no effort to be balanced or nuanced although I also thought that the screenwriter drew the white people more than one dimensionally.

That said, those settlers forced politicians and the army into taking steps that some of them did not want to take with regard to treaties and military actions. (And some of the politicians and military people were more than happy to steal lands and kill Indians.) And even Utley decries the forced assimilation, the deliberate destruction of Indian culture. Part of that was religious but more than that, it was the recognition that tribal culture - especially for the Plains Indians - was like a drug that was impossible to kick. Destroy the culture - save the savage.

The point is, there would never have been a good answer to the Indian problem except for white people to leave or never to have come. Tragedy was inevitable from the moment Colombo sited land.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 6.06.2007 @ 17:00



I like you better as Lisa. I bet you look terrific in a dress.

(Next time, try using a different IP address, stupid).

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 12.06.2007 @ 13:50



Same goes for you. The fact that those people were trying to undermine the policies of their governmetn is despicable although they didn't deserve to get arrested.

And for God's sake, if you don't know what you're talking about, keep your mouth shut. Khatami=Gorby? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Khatami - anti-west, anti-American, pro blowing Israel to kingdom come. Some goddamn moderate, huh? And the miniscule reforms he as advocating - halfheartedly and probably only to establish an independent power base with the students - have nothing to do with making Iran a "free" country.

And WTF do you think AQ Khan was doing in Iran in the mid 90's? Getting a suntan? Khan's network never - repeat never - helped a country with nuclear expertise that wasn't trying to build a bomb. And like Pakistan, a nuke would be wildly popular in Iran. So much for your "helping the revolution" nonsense.

The "sane" side of Iran doesn't need awakening. It needs to be in power. And as long as the mullahs and 250,000 Rev guards have their jackboots on the necks of the people, that aint gonna happen.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 2.06.2007 @ 11:04

By the way Rick, where would we get the troops to take on Iran?

Where in my piece do I advocate military action, nitwit?

I swear to God. People who don't bother to read what I write and comment on this site drive me nuts. And if you read anything I've written you know I OPPOSE military action against Iran.

I'm going to start banning people for being idiots.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 2.06.2007 @ 10:56


You've been reading this site long enough to know what I think of the way Bush and the Administration have "conceptualized" the war. You also know that I have been saying exactly what you mentioned about a political solution being the answer for many, many months.

I was reacting to what any rational person would take as a ridiculous assertion about the insurgents matching up in any realistic way with the American military - in fact your exact words were "A four year bitch slapping by rag tag Middle Easterners in Toyota trucks" - is an unbelievably ignorant comment.

As for the rest, I agree as you well know so stop preaching to the choir.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 3.06.2007 @ 14:40

I believe it more than probable that the unhinged, irrational, paranoid opposition to Bush over these past 6 years has changed him. The fact that you don't see it only means you contributed to it.

And WTF are you saying about the insurgents and al-Qaeda? It has been an absolute slaughter. The only thing they've got is roadside bombs (80% of all casualties in Iraq) and hit and run snipers. They show their faces and they are annhilated. If they even HAD a Toyota truck to attack us with, it would be blown to smithereens before it could become a threat.

Get your head out of your ass, Ed. The performance of our troops has nothing to do with Bush. And that performance has been spectacularly professional and successful - at least in killing the enemy. Your statement "A four year bitch slapping by rag tag Middle Easterners in Toyota trucks" has to be the most ignorant comment you've ever left here - and that's saying something. If you can come up with one engagement between insurgents and American forces where we were defeated, I'll eat my monitor.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 1.06.2007 @ 16:32


I guess six years of enduring the unhinged, BDS paranoia and conspiracy theories of the lickspittle left can do that to a man.

It has been a slow process - something you would have noticed if you weren't so irrational.


Grow. Up.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 1.06.2007 @ 14:13

1. I am far from being a "socialcon."

2. A 40% drop off in contributions? 40 fricking percent?

Keep your head underground, kid. That way you don't have to deal with reality. If you think it's only "socialcons" who have abandoned the party, then you haven't been paying attention to either the numbers or what dyed in the wool, main street Republicans have been saying - and not just about this bill. The Immigration bill is only a catalyst for a rebellion against everything this Administration has done wrong for 6 years - and you mentioned a couple of them.

The fact that you think this "Doom and Gloom" is over the border issue tags you as not very observant as well as blissfully unaware of the seismic shift that is going on out in the country. Something very, very, bad is going to happen in 2008 unless somebody does something dramatic. Deal with it.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 1.06.2007 @ 08:30


I can't believe I have to spell this out for you. You have to be the densest moron who ever visited this site. I will try to put it in words of less than 3 syllables, 'kay?

Larry Johnson gloats over the fact that people are wrong about Plame. Larry Johnson has no business gloating over anything considering the fact he has been wrong himself on about even larger issues in the past. It is a question of hypocrisy. Not deflecting attention from anything - something I acknowledge straight up front. Or do I have to spell that out for you too.

Now - go away and stop commenting on this site. You are an embarassment to rational thought. You waste my time.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 2.06.2007 @ 10:51

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