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That comment was the last straw for Leo. He's history. If he wants to give any credence whatsoever to wild conspiracy theories let him go someplace where that kind of injustice to reason and sanity is tolerated.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 21.07.2007 @ 16:25


That certainly is a possibility. I actually think it's more due to his inarticultaeness and incompetence.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 20.07.2007 @ 09:37

That's pretty shallow. I would hope someone would answer the question. Is it better to have the bloodbath or not? Or make the argument that we can't prevent it - and show me why not.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 20.07.2007 @ 08:53


Where's your evidence Merie was tortured or coerced? You don't have a shred of proof that this happened and yet you posit it as if its the gospel truth?

That's idiotic. And does the UN investigator Serge Brammertz count when he says Syria is responsible for Hariri's killings as well as the other political murders there.

Gee. He only has 40,000 pages of evidence and dozens of witnesses. Did he torture those people? Did he coerce them?

Merie is simply confirming what everyone in the world (except Syrian apologists like you) believe: that Assad is murdering his opponents in Lebanon and stirring up trouble so that he can move back in and milk the country for all its worth.

Time for a reality check. And calling you an idiot and ignorant is less than you deserve. It's not name calling if it fits.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 20.07.2007 @ 06:55

I don't know what to say to that kind of stupidity.

I think I'll just let it go and let others marvel at your ignorance.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 19.07.2007 @ 16:52


I believe the way that's usually done is that they wait until the deed is done, and then resign. The reason is that once the president makes a decision involving military action, best not tip off the enemy that we're coming and put American boys in danger.

Cy Vance resigned the day after the debacle in the desert back in 1980 for the same reason.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 16.07.2007 @ 11:34


If I have to read one more idiot tell me how right they were and how wrong I was, I will crawl through my monitor and punch you in the face.

The number of things war critics were wrong about are absolutely astronomical. I refuse to grant critics anything - people who said we'd lose 10,000 men in the fight for Baghdad and the like or people who had been saying for 4 years that there was a civil war when each and every time they made that statement, they were wrong or people who said the elections wouldn't come off or that they couldn't write a Constitution. It goes on and on and on and on.

The warnings were not listened to because they were politically motivated - as is your critique. For every CIA report predicting disaster there were 2 or 3 that said the opposite. War critics are the most insufferable assholes when it comes to crowing about "I told you so" except they forget how wrong they were about 95% of what has gone on in Iraq. The 5% you've been right about is nothing to be proud of for in fact your actions have helped along the disaster.

Who the hell do you think takes responsibility you sanctimonious twit? The President is at fault. And loons who still believe he knew there was no WMD in Iraq when we invaded don't have the brains of a marmoset. If you believe he knew there were no WMD then you must also believe that he either wanted to lose the election of 2004 or lose the war against Iraq.

Even a 5 year old could figure out that if we won the war, we would have to look for WMD. Not finding it meant that Bush loses the election of 2004. Only because of the absolute stupidity of the Democrats in nominating John Kerry saved his ass. Anyone else would have beaten him in a landslide.

So which is it? Do you think Bush wanted to lose the election or lose the war? If he lost the war, he wouldn't have had to worry about looking for WMD in IRaq, would he? So which one do you think Bush had in mind, him lying about WMD and all?

And your gratuitous slap at my commenters who disagree with you by bringing up "German history." (Which history is that? Frederick the Great? Bismark? The Weimer Republic? Do you even know what I'm referring to?) will not be tolerated. Do it again and I'll ban your ass faster than you can write a comment telling me to screw off.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 15.07.2007 @ 11:48


Flynt is very good at protecting his own bank account - and augmenting it. He saw a way to dupe the left into supporting his crusades - that he turned into a mockery when in court. The fact that so many have fallen for it must give him no end of amusement as he chortles all the way to the bank.

You've been had by one of the greatest bunko artists of the 20th century if you believe there is an ounce of integrity in that man's body.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 13.07.2007 @ 09:35

It is beyond belief you are defending this partisan witch hunter. There is not a noble bone in this man's body. He's a bloodsucker.

It nauseates me that you defend him. You are beyond the pale if you find anything in his "credo" ("if it feels good, do it") that doesn't reek with hypocrisy when he then turns around and in essence says "even though I have no standards in my personal or professional life, I am going to sit in judgment on you and hold you to a standard that I piss on every month in my magazine."

You can't see it. You won't see it. So what's the point?

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 13.07.2007 @ 08:51

"hypocrisy has everything to do with those who espouse a public POV, then practice their vice
under cover. Is that simple enough?"

Why yes. Yes it is. Too complicated for you however because you didn't read what I wrote:

I will say to my Republican friends that it does no good to whine about double standards. You’re going to have to concede the hypocrisy point to our Democratic friends on this one. If your going to lecture people about the sanctity of marriage as it relates to banning gay unions or campaign on a platform stressing “family values,” it would be best if you didn’t go whoring around on your wife, wetting your wick at $300 a pop.

Isn't that what I said. About hypocrisy? I think I defined it excellently. Too bad you didn't read it.

You're dumber than the college kid.

Comment Posted By Rick Moran On 13.07.2007 @ 01:05

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